Ryzom in Trouble Again

Some news from Ryzom.

Gameforge France SARL, located in Paris – is lacking the funds to keep going. For those who’ve known the Nevrax times and went through the transitory period in last December, the same legal procedure of “liquidation judiciaire” has been put in place yesterday. This means that while the appointed liquidator will do what it takes to close the company, potential buyers may show up to take over the game Ryzom. If nobody shows up, the servers will be shut down in less than 3 weeks at liquidator’s request.

Thanks to F13.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “Ryzom in Trouble Again”

  1. *salutes*

    Good try, just not good enough.

    To the 250 MMOs currently under development or in closed beta… open your eyes.

  2. Maybe this time, the price will come down low enough for the Virtual Citizenship Association to buy it out and open the source fully. That’d be nice.

  3. They had a really good idea, but not nearly enough capital to fund it. As said before, game developers need to stop making MMOs as their first game. Get into online games first and THEN make a transition to bigger and better things. Blizzard wasn’t started on WoW, it was a culmination of years of previous efforts, none of which were MMOs in the traditional sense.

  4. Some friends and I started a game company years ago to try and make an MMORPG. It is much harder than anyone who has not done it can imagine. We fell apart in early alpha.

  5. I just want to take this moment to laugh at a certain podcast that absolutely raved about this game and how it was going to become a contender in this market.

    Otherwise, I don’t really care.

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