Enter: The Shoveler

City of Heroes Issue 11 will include weapon customization. This includes a shovel as a weapon (War Mace, I presume). The two new power sets were mentioned in previous CoX updates. “Ouroboros” will include the long-awaited flashback system with bonus fun like detailed handicapping and difficulty control. Also, new inventions.

Did City of Heroes need “ultra-rare” loot? Were people saying that they were not spending enough time farming the same thing repeatedly? Someone looked at the current rare inventions and thought everyone had too many? Someone looked at the games where you have a 2.5% chance of getting a purple of one mob that spawns every three days and said, “Yes, that is what our players want!”?

He shovels well.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Enter: The Shoveler”

  1. I’ve only recently hit level 15 in this game, but the Flashback thing is definitely something I’m going to have to try out. That and getting a new gun.

  2. All of the stuff except the “very rare” sets looks quite nice. I don’t really see why this new loot level was needed, unless they are changing drop rates.

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