We got a Wii today

Pantless Wii at Zubon’s house!

This thing comes with ~300 pages of manual. That became less scary when I realized that it came in three languages, but still.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “We got a Wii today”

  1. Having fun with Wii sports? The boxing game is a workout. I had fun with the Godfather and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Enjoy the new toy. :)

  2. IIRC, most of the manual is about the user interface, the different channels etc… In other words: For most people, it’s pretty much unnecessary.

    If you like racing games, you should have a look at Excite Truck – that’s a funny, fast little game. That said, ‘little’ means ‘short’, so rent before you buy :)

  3. Must play games: Super Paper Mario and LOZ:Twilight Princess. SPM you can simply rent, I managed a near-full completion in about 24 hours of game time, but I neglected to do recipie collection and experimenting. LOZ:TP on the other hand is a buying kind of game, unless you can devote 60 to 80 hours in a single week to complete it.
    I have (mostly) good things to say about Trauma Center.
    I can only say I’m glad I got Red Steel second-hand at a Gamestop rather than pay full retail, as it’s got some (small but massively frustrating) control glitches that make me certain that UbiSoft let it get rushed for launch.
    If you’re not mini-game intolerant, WarioWare (awesome party game) is good for those days when you’ve only got 10 or 15 minutes to sit down and play, as is Raving Rabbids. I’ve yet to play Mario Party8, but the rest of the series has been good for groups of 3 or 4, and I can only expect more of the same here.
    Lastly, if you think about it as a $5 game bundled in with a $35 Wiimote, Wii Play is good stuff. I’m expecting similar when I pick up the Zapper and Link’s Crossbow Training next month.

  4. I want to buy one really bad, however I fear for my son putting the control through a wall/window/tv/person.

  5. The Wii is a lot of fun. Wi bought the extra wee controller that comes as part of the We Play package. Oui enjoy it a lot.

  6. I got mine today. That covers the majority of my entertainment budget for this semester. I’m quite enjoying the Wii presentation of DDR. Not a big fan of the song list, but they worked the standard controllers into it, and were even kind enough to make that optional.

  7. Guitar Hero 3 comes out at the end of the month for it.

    I’m currently addicted to the toy tonk game included in the Wii Play package. I also have Metroid Prime: Corruption waiting for me on a shelf when I get some free time aka once my shaman hits 70.

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