I saw a car with rims today. I hate those. Why would you sacrifice function and safety for appearance? Oh, that is probably why my characters look like that.

: Zubon

They also look dumb. Dating for gamers note: do not advertise that you have poor taste and make poor money decisions.

5 thoughts on “Rims”

  1. My inlaws and I have a constant fight about this. My sister inlaw bought a house that they could barely afford, and then rushed out and bought a Navigator that they couldn’t. Then they added $4000 rims to them. A few months later, they got new ones that cost $5k. I’m guessing it’s from watching too much “Cribs” and what not.

    I’m impractical in game, but in RL I’m the cheapest person you’ve ever met…

  2. Taste is subjective and generally your potential mate won’t find out till after the knot is tied about your poor money handling. ;)

    While I’d be more than happy to berate someone for spending $4-5k on Rims worth more than most of their car, what does that say about gamers that are willing to blow $3-4k on a gaming rig?

  3. While they may be just for show in many cases, getting bigger wheels and lower profile tyres is actually in improvement in function.

    Lower profile tyres grip the road better and make for better handling and braking.

  4. I would agree that the rims of the current “Pimp My Ride” phase of car accessories are completely over-priced and to coin one of Xzibit’s phrases, “ridiculously unnecessary”. However, woe be to the person who showed up in my high school parking lot (mid-80’s) without Keystones or Cragars. I think those were going for $150 a set back then. But, I also think that $4000 = 2 Camaros.

  5. I really can’t wait to see what this topic does for our Google searches. Just in case it needs more fuel…

    “phat rimz”

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