Issue 10

I am finally getting around to running the Issue 10 story arcs. I had said before that Issue 10 did not interest me much: not much to do. Having played through everything now, I am willing to say that what is new is not a lot of fun.

I already said why the Rikti aren’t fun: they have perception and every kind of crowd control. Adding in Rikti Magi just brings more crowd control, with very high damage. At least they have monkeys. The Vanguard have a similar issue, only with more damage and less CC. They are not fun, just unreasonably overpowered. A boss has two-shot me in the time it took me to activate Freeze Ray (activation time: 1). How about a debuff that halves your endurance for 10 (?) minutes? The Longbow bosses used to set the standard for unreasonably overpowered, and conveniently the Vanguard missions will throw multiple Longbow bosses at you while solo.

The weakened allies still annoy me. I know the rules say, “Characters can accomplish superhuman physical feats, defeat enemies with one hand tied behind their back and use incredible abilities — until they join your party and you can control them. Then these wonderful powers all vanish, along with most of their hit points.” Still, thanks for the pet who does 35 damage as a level 51 “hero.” Oh, and rescuing allies still kills your stealth, so I cannot use Trip Mines on the enemy anymore. Great, a bonus that makes me weaker (and can aggro new friends). And then there are the bugged hostages (or ones placed so that they die instantly).

So what is cool? Dark Watcher’s story arc is excellent, absolutely great in both gameplay and story. The Rikti invasions are fun, although rarish now. The ship raid is interesting the first few times; setting the badge for 25 bombs (>12 hours of raids) was annoying. There are some very nice touches in the revamped Rikti War Zone, but it is unfortunate to lose half the zone because it is covered by pylons. Cooperative play is good. The new ideas used in the Lady Grey Task Force are good. Faultline and Fusionette, while mostly useless, are fun to have along for the ride.

Here is looking forward to Issue 11. Whatever closed beta NDA they have is leaking like a sieve, and everyone seems enthusiastic. The Ouroboros content sounds great.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Issue 10”

  1. Faultline and Fusionette, while mostly useless, are fun to have along for the ride.

    I refer to Fusionette as Paris Hiltonette nowadays.

    Still have a bunch of the Issue 10 content to play through for myself, have mostly been jumping in on other people’s missions.

  2. The NDA doesn’t apply to a lot of the info that people are interested in, because anyone can get to it. You can log into the test server, take a look at the new powerset descriptions and the weapon customization, you just can’t go further and log into the game. The only other really cool thing is the flashback stuff, but even that is being revealed because a lot of players are, well, dumb, and don’t get the the Training Room forum is different than the one that says “Closed Beta.” On top of that, the ones that get the difference still don’t get that there’s some info available to the general public and take one of two tactics: either threadcrapping with “Ooooo you’re gonna get in trouble” on public info or jumping in with their own NDA info. I already have a good idea how both new powersets play and some of the badges that are available from the Orouborous missions simply because I happened on a few threads where people didn’t understand that the gameplay stuff wasn’t public yet and blabbed.

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