Hellgate: London – Demo

Is it an MMO or not? They say it is. You be the judge.

Get the demo at GameDaily, Fileshack or Worthplaying.

Note: The demo apparently includes the Blademaster class, the Marksman class and part of Act 1. I’m not sure if this is online or offline play – but you should get the idea. (Update: people are saying it’s single-player only)

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8 thoughts on “Hellgate: London – Demo”

  1. They weren’t calling it an MMOG a year ago.

    I’m playing the beta and haven’t made my final judgment on whether to buy the full version.

  2. From a recent Bill Roper interview: Do you have a name for this kind of thing? I mean, is it a minimally multiplayer online game? “No, it’s an MMO. I mean, MMO means “massively multiplayer online.” We’re gonna be connecting hundreds of thousands to millions of players online. You know, Diablo 2 is an MMO, but in people’s heads when they think MMO they think the EverQuest model so that gives them all these parameters of what an MMO is. And then—I don’t know if this gets driven by marketing groups or by sales or fans, I don’t know–people really seem to need, have that need to be able to strictly define things. Like I know that Raph Koster at one point referred to Guild Wars as a hub-and-instance MMO, trying to narrow down what kind of MMO it was. It’s an MMO. You go online and you’re playing with, you know, thousands of other people in your community. That’s what Hellgate is. It’s an MMO.”

  3. I bet that Bill Roper would classify online chess as an MMO too. After all, you are connected to thousands of other people in your community.

    Maybe I’m wrong and just a dork. I mean, Tabula Rasa is a earth-shattering revolutionary role-playing game right? Garriot can’t be wrong after all. It isn’t just a multiplayer shooter like I said it was…right?

  4. MMO always gets the last part left off for some reason…and that is another issue..

    Remember the RPG part?
    And Hellgate:London will be Massively Multplayer(thousands of people online)..Online (of course) and it is an RPG..

    There…it is an MMORPG…whaddy know…lol

  5. @Nicodemus: No one said it’s not a massively multiplayer online *shooter* (which it is, as much as any game under the EQ model claims to be).

    @Raymond Hayes: that’s because a lot of MMO games aren’t necessarily RPGs. Hellgate:London feels like more of an action-adventure game. Simply categorizing any game where you choose your character’s name and hairstyle as an RPG really weakens the definition of the genre. I would argue that Planetside is an MMO, but it’s certainly not an RPG by any classical definition of the term.

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