8 thoughts on “Portal Storm”

  1. I absolutely adored Portal. One note, tho: if you’ve got a 360 and Portal is the only thing in the Orange Box that you’re interested in, you can rent the Orange Box and easily beat Portal in a few hours.

  2. The orange box doesn’t appeal to me as a whole (not a fps gamer really, besides the odd counterstrike game for fun with friends), but I may actually just buy portal seperately, having seen the footage and screenshots available.

    Plus I want cake!

  3. Portal, portal portal… portal portal portal poportatal!

    Some of the reviewers argue that it was too short, but given the complexity of some of the puzzles and the necessity for painstaking alignment of platforms and such, I’m willing to cut them some slack. Particularly so since it was so much fun, as opposed to simply entertaining.

  4. This was featured at the Independent Games Festival at GDC 06, with some funky name I can’t recall, and it was simply spectacular. I haven’t played the Orange Box version, but if the gameplay is anything like it was last year, it’s worth the price of the whole box.

  5. I just finished the last of the advanced levels. That one alone took me about two hours to get right. Those are more of a blood, sweat, ‘n tears challenge than the rest of the game, though.

  6. Portal is brilliant. Bring More Portal! Bring More Cake!

    I did start on one of the advanced levels but while the main game didn’t trouble me too much, I found it nearly impossible. I’ll go back to it.

    After I’ve had more cake.

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