EVE Online – Security Breached

EVE Online had some unexplained downtime last weekend. Now it has been explained:

…we discovered an anomaly in the EVE Online Database indicating a potential exploit. Our policy in such cases is to mobilize a taskforce of internal and external experts to evaluate the situation. At 12:57 that group concluded that our best course of action was to go completely dark while an exhaustive scan of our entire infrastructure was executed.

What we discovered was an indication that one of our databases was being accessed through a security breach…

Read the rest here. CCP sure gets their share of controversy.

– Ethic

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9 thoughts on “EVE Online – Security Breached”

  1. At least this time people weren’t accusing them of helping players, because it appears only one player was trying to help himself.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: PvP games attract assholes. Not exclusively; there are a lot of nice people that play PvP games. However, if you want to ferret out the worst types of folks, you could do worse than make a really tight (gameplay-wise) PvP game with a bunch of security holes.

    So, is EVE Online a secret game industry conspiracy? “Look, Blizzard, Sony, and NCSoft will pay us to take these assholes off of their hands. I don’t know, just make something that rewards sociopathic attention whores for being themselves. No, besides webcams. This is for the ‘smart’ ones.”

  3. BitterCupOJoe, you earned your name :p

    As crazy as it might sound I like the relaxation of mining in 1.0 space and playing with numbers to see what things I could squeeze out of ship if I were “hardcore”. I’ll agree it has more than it’s share of drama queens though :) Minimize chat ftw!

  4. I have mixed feelings about EvE, i love the space setting and flying around in a ship, hate to death how it’s so PvP heavy and how if you don’t cheat you can’t ever really compete. I lost count of how many times i would be flying to a gate near the starting areas, minding my own business and learning the game, to be shot down out of the blue. For a while, i stopped having a ship and just flew around in a pod buying skills. Whoo boy, what fun!

    When another decent space mmo comes out, i’ll never look at EvE again.

  5. BitterCupOJoe, you forgot “And don’t forget the bonuses they offered us to make ourselves look bad in comparison. I intend to cash in on those!”

  6. tfangel: cheat to win? I’m afraid you lost me.

    Also, I heard BoB’s tower’s were coing out of reinforced, so they pulled the servres. :tinfoil:

  7. Metagame to win, at least. Wars are fought with easily replaceable anonymous alt scouts (and Revelations gave them more power than ever before). Small hit-squads will log out near a point of passage and use word of an aforementioned anonymous scout to organize a simultaneous login, catching enemies in a trap that is nigh impossible to foresee. People will use fast cruisers to bump capital ships off course continuously and can actually push them away from a gate (I should know, I harried a freighter for an hour once while the force necessary to kill it was assembled).

    Exploits abound.

  8. “tfangel: cheat to win? I’m afraid you lost me.:

    I guess i was thinking about how you gain skills, if someone has a year on you, you can’t really ever catch up and stand a chance, but cheaters and exploiters can. Hard for me to explain, but it seems that EvE is tempting for people to exploit, as it has more real gains than other games. Don’t get me wrong, i still play EvE and love parts of it, but for someone like me who plays solo a lot, scandals in the game make it less attractive for me and a pain. Say if someone in WoW was friends with a GM and the GM gave them the best gear, it wouldn’t really affect me, as i rarely PvP in it and more just goof around. In Eve, that person can make the game a pain to play. I’ve heard people say “EvE keeps out the noobs”, but i personally think EvE could be so much more if it had a more diverse player group, and more control behind the scenes.

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