In the Valley, Fer Sure

So, having wrapped up my affairs in Middle Earth, I’ve returned when possible to Azeroth. Sadly, my life schedule continues to allow me little time for playing, but two forced weeks of staying at home let me get into it fairly deeply. I’ve always been more of a social player, and so returning to guildmates and friends was nice. I managed to run the Headless Horseman event a few hundred times to ensure everyone had what they needed (sans a pet for me, or any guildmate *sigh), but what I’ve been doing mostly is PvP, specifically, Alterac Valley by the truckload. Because that’s where honor grinders come when honor grinding is needed. I’ll explain that in a minute, but the wierd part is I’m actually enjoying it.

Ya, I know, right?

Personally, I hate PvP. Mainly because it takes control out of my hands, and I am a control freak to the nth degree. But WoW’s PvP battlegrounds, where you by delibrate action enter into willing PvP has always had a strange allure for me. You can stop the Freudian review now. Anyway, I’ve done them, but usually I endured AV strictly for the mass quantity of honor in the shortest time period, but enjoyed AB (Arathi Basin) because this PvP zone requires more mental activity, in that you have to capture and retain bases. My preferred spot? Blacksmith, standing on the flag, directing the masses. Should I be there, and the team listen and respond, we are so winning. I make a killer Field General. Again, control. I didn’t mind a well-fought loss though. The guild grind groups, those I hated. You just understood it. Almost like cheating, imo *shrug*.

AV however, was a usual loss, back last time I farmed honor (pre-BC). With the new 2.2 fix for AFKers, at least I’m told by my fellow Hordians, our honor leachers have all but gone. At most I’ve seen 3 leechers in the cave, or otherwise hiding inactive, and it’s fun to have a force out there. Previously in my AV adventures, I’d see 10+ people in that cave, their bots shuffling occasionally to avoid the auto afk. It’s hard to win when half your force is absent. Now, we win. A lot. But even the losses are, on the whole, fun. Sure, you still get the occasional childish BG, where the jokes and jabs boil down to the “your mom!” level, but on the whole there’s coordination where there never was any, and people actually trying.

This is fun.

Now, I am in this for me. At this point, I’ve maxed every tradeskill and every faction I need. I have an obscene assortment of mounts, rare vanity pets, and nearly every possible dropped pattern, recipe, or forumla for my tradeskills. I was down to just skilling up fishing for laughs and possible Mr. Pinchy. However, in upcoming Season 3 of the Arena, Season 1 gear will be available for purchasing with honor. My previous arena team, who had devoted themselves to losing their way to epics, dissolved over time, leaving me in need. And while my raiding priest is actually pretty well geared, my warlock who rarely has seen the inside of Karazhan isn’t. However, a few weeks of AV grinding and that will no longer be the case. He’ll be decked out in Arena gear, not only looking good, but being a lot more effective. On a time investment scale, it seems to work out pretty good. For the schedule challenged like me, it also works out well. Battlegrounds run constantly, 24/7, and I can jump in for a quicky and log out, feeling an accomplishment was made.

So if you’re feeling a bit down in the gear, I’d recommend heading over to the new and improved battlegrounds. Expect to be challenged though – without the afkers, on both sides, every elf, be they blue or red, is needed.

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7 thoughts on “In the Valley, Fer Sure”

  1. Playing LOTRO can totally make you love your old games or for that fact…ANY other game period…

    The boredom factor is so high, the control of your UI, animations…you name it..

    I have played Guild Wars, WoW, and now EQ2 ….again, and find all of them 100 times more enjoyable..

    You made the right move!

  2. Right there with you Oz. But man I wish I could be a dwarven horde member. The idiots in my Allied side of the fence are horrid at AV for the most part. Very rarely, a good mix of smart players will be grouped together from across the realms in my Battlegroup, but by and large we more often have people who just sit around at Tower Point forever instead of pushing on down to FW GY and then to the Towers at the Keep. Meanwhile you Horde are already setting up to fight Vann.

    Mind you, a lot of horde teams are still wall-pulling Vann but I hear even with the changes that make that not possible in 2.3 allied teams are still moving too slow.

    I wish I could crack the whip, but few listen when you try to explain that moving faster, not farming honor kills, is the best way to get points in AV. They just don’t get it.

    ALL OF THAT ASIDE, I am very much loving my time in AV. 21k honor saved so far, aiming to have as much as possible before the patch hits. Not sure I’ll hit the 75k cap, but we’ll see. I’ll at least get my shiny Crossbow come patch day.

  3. On the wall pulling – it’s an exploit, and plain lazy. In all of the AV’s (~50 or so since Friday) I’ve been in, I’m usually on Offense, and only once did they wall pull Van. Seriously, if you *need* to, then just kill the honor marshals. It’s a cop out. Even a quick loss is good honor. Now it’s a race to a few towers, with the occasionaly mini battle on the way, either an epic fight for SP or a mashing, then a fairly grueling fight to Van. Never the same twice, albeit similar.

    I don’t have the link here at work, but if you are saving up, I would recommend hitting up MMOChampion for your exact needs. From what I recall, crossbow was ~27k and 20 Eye tokens. I do know that a full set of Season 1 is 62,500 honor, 50 AB, 50 AV, and 30 WSG tokens. That’s my current goal, plus any spare I can get. Plus I’d like to get a spell dps hammer (26K + 20 Eye) on my priest too. At least it beats fishing.

    If someone out there in readerland has played the new 2.3 AV, I’d really love to hear from you.

  4. Yeah, LotRO made me go back to 9Dragons *shudder* and actually enjoy it for a while

  5. The Crossbow is 27k Honor, but it’s 40 AV tokens I believe, not EotS. I’ll double check later, but I sure hope it hasn’t changed. I have 89 AV tokens at the moment and 21 AB… a few WSG, but NO Eye ones. Pretty sure it’s AV tokens for the Crossbow.

    I believe only some of the Veteran’s gear costs Eye tokens and a few of the 1-hand weapons. The rest I believe are AV. Which is smart. Blizz knows that’s what people run the most lately.

  6. LOL! Not quite, but I’ve been in BG’s with him! I might, ok I do get like that in AV after about 45 min though. In AB, the sum total of my comments are “2 inc LM from Stables” and the like. Yes, I’m boring.

    Note the rogue in the last panel. Oh how I’ve wished to have that power.

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