Housing Glut?

housesI wish. Take a look at the screen shot and you’ll see how Turbine messed up housing (I know you are all shocked). This is a listing of the available neighborhoods. The first column is standard houses, the second is deluxe houses and the third is Kinship housing. I can only afford a standard house. See all those zeros in the first column? The only two houses that are still available are the same house lot and I don’t like it (it would seem nobody else does either). I’ve got a list of 5 or 6 houses that would be nice to have, but until the deluxe and Kinship houses start selling, I shall remain homeless because they will not open a new instance until the old ones sell (clarification: ALL the houses do not need to sell before they open new neighborhoods. I’m not sure what method they use, but that is not it). I don’t understand why they thought it was wise to put that many Kinship houses in each neighborhood.

Still, the neighborhoods are very well done and it’s fun to run around in them. I just wish they would have put them closer to a real town. Also, the fact they put farmland and a town center in each neighborhood means they are seriously considering adding crafting abilities to them, which would be a Very Bad Idea.

– Ethic

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  1. Also, the fact they put farmland and a town center in each neighborhood means they are seriously considering adding crafting abilities to them, which would be a Very Bad Idea.

    I think I’m missing something here. Why is that a bad idea?

  2. Because it would make the already fairly empty cities even more so. One of the things that bothered me subtly about LOTRO was it felt so empty. With the regional chat and instances for nigh everything, you can literally play for hours without seeing or hearing another person. If you allow housing to have crafting stuff, why go elsewhere?

    That said, I loved how EQ1 had crafting stuff in their guild lobbies. But remember, only one person could use an EQ1 crafting world item at a time, so this benefitted everyone.

    I didn’t realize Book 11 launched. I still have 2 weeks on my extended trial…I should log in and get my new pets maybe.

  3. Well, in my opinion, it would cause already quiet towns to become ghost towns. Monster play has removed a segment of the population from normal interaction because they are playing monsters in a special zone. Adding crafting stations and farmland to individual instanced neighborhoods would remove one of the last reasons to interact with the rest of the server’s population. The game would seem totally dead.

  4. They seemed to be opening new neighborhoods every 30 minutes or so, usually 3-4 at a time. They weren’t waiting for the kin houses to fill. I couldn’t find a house I wanted so I just waited for more to open up.

    But yes, too many kin houses. Those won’t all fill up. I read they have built it so there can be up to 250 neighborhoods of each race, so that’s 1000 neighborhoods total.

    Everyone, including the developers, seems to be worried about the cities emptying, which is why they only put one superior workstation in each neighborhood instead of 3. But still with the discounts that might be enough to empty the towns. But I figure if even the dev chat is talking about it then they are aware and will take steps. So many good changes have been made that I am not even cynical like usual!

    I might move even though I bought a place, my kinship is going to try to buy up a whole neighborhood in the shire. So some of us bought houses last night, most didn’t. but it depends if a new neighborhood opens the night we will look then we have to rush in and buy it.

  5. Well, they certainly stopped doing that. It was bad when I logged off last night. In the morning I checked – same neighborhoods, less houses. They did not add any all night. I’ll be patient and find a home.

  6. If I was forced to buy a big house, that would be the one I wanted. However, my home will always be in the Shire.

  7. Man, I love static content! This sounds like a GREAT implementation of player housing! Really!

    Login queues? Does that mean more players, or the servers were toned down to make the login queue kick up with fewer players (making it *seem* like more players).

    Hrm, one wonders.

  8. Ultima Online spoiled a lot of veterans on housing, because everyone is so anti-instanced housing now. I don’t think there has been a good housing system since SWG and UO before it. But even then, SWG and UO had horrible urban sprawl issues. So, this makes me just hope for instanced housing in the future ala EQ2.

  9. Ethic the hobbit house is pretty cool. I like the idea of owning my own place, and having storage areas to toss extra gear is a bonus.

    One thing I always wondered, and the talk re: Star Wars Galaxies brought it back, was that you have these great cities and towns in the game, but as you mentioned they aren’t used. In Star Wars there was NOTHING going on in towns except people heading to the starport or cantinas. The most interesting towns were player towns where all the vendors etc etc were. In CoH the city is pretty much a wasteland between missions…in UO there was some pretty cool buildings in Britain and the towns, but they were just there for show.

    My Idea:
    Why not sell the housing (at least some) in town to players and guilds. One could perhaps actually live in Archet or Bree or Hobbiton where ever there were open houses. Then they would get some good use out of all the fancy graphics of the town. Bree is pretty big and most of it isnt really used. Players could then pay New York or London property values for the premium spaces, and the game towns would spring to life. If the fancy places filled up, or a player wants less hustle and bustle, one would have the option of moving out to the instanced suburbs where anyone can purchase an affordable house of their dreams.

  10. Empty towns can be discouraging to new/trail players. I know seeing empty EQ2 towns kept me from actually buying the game for a long time. I didn’t expect a WOW-like population but wandering around ghost towns wasn’t very encouraging.

    As long as their conscious of the negative aspects hopefully, they’ll force players to forgo the small conveniences for the greater good of sustaining the game population

  11. I dunno, Heartless. While EQ2 had *much* more versatile furniture/decoration placement, the instanced homesteads are actually really nice. They’ve got a great look and give people a space to call their own without requiring suburbs equivalent in size to several zones. It keeps runs through housing areas fairly short (exception: 6 Waterbank Road, Falathlorn. ~4-5 minutes from the neighbourhood entrance, but the view…)

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