Ultima Online, Mythic Layoffs

According to Destructoid, members of the UO dev team as well as some developers at Mythic have been laid off and the rest of team has been moved from the Redwood Shores, CA studio to Mythic’s Fairfax, VA. UO, Dark Age Of Camelot and Warhammer Online will continue but more layoffs are expected throughout these and other Electronic Arts studios.

10 thoughts on “Ultima Online, Mythic Layoffs”

  1. Wow. That is definitely no bueno. I feel for the folks losing their jobs. I hope this doesn’t impact War too hard.

  2. I really doubt EA would shoot themselves in the foot, again, and actually lay off anyone working on WAR. I haven’t read anything about this story but my guess is that they zapped some DAOC team.

  3. I feel sorry for the folks losing their jobs as well, but unless you started working for them 10+ years ago, it’s not like you didn’t know something like this would happen.

    EA has been going downhill even on sports games in the past few years and it’s not likely to relent unless they hit a major triple A title really soon. Their sheer size prevents them from bombshelling since they blow so much money into projects that they just decide to drop support for, but even that amount of power can sway.

    Personally, after the stories about their treatment of newbies and turnover rates I wouldn’t give two shits if the company went bottom up (except for all the people who would lose their jobs of course).

  4. Hang on! Didn’t EA just spend umpteen millions to buy Bioware/Pandemic? Are all these layoffs part of EA’s strategy of offsetting costs for this purchase?

  5. I can’t see how people can expect something good from Warhammer Online or from any other MMORPG where EA is involved.

  6. @Mantees — WAR is the MMO for which everyone has been waiting, it will provide the perfect MMO experience, PvP and PvE will be integrated perfectly so that people will be able to choose exactly the kind of gameplay they enjoy most, and its popularity will rival WoW’s.

    Don’t you read blogs? Nothing can stop WAR’s domination now.

  7. My sources at Mythic say the layoffs there were no more than 10 people, so it’s being blown out of proportion. Turbine last week just laid off 6 people, but it wasn’t reported anywhere.

    Sources at Mythic also say that we’ll be lucky to see Warhammer anytime in 2008, as development is a disaster, much of it is wasted, and there’s no project cohesion. EA has been throwing bodies at it (in typical EA fashion) to try and bring it out in 2008.

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