Why I Need a Job in the Industry

I need to work around programmers or engineers so that I am no longer unofficial tech support for the office. I need co-workers who understand the power of right-clicking. I spent a while today explaining that you can have multiple folders with the same name, and if you save a file in the folder on your C: drive, it will not be in the folder of the same name on the shared drive. No, that is not a conflict between Word and your e-mail program.

At my next job, I am telling them I don’t know how to type. “The computer has speakers, why won’t it respond to voice commands?”

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Why I Need a Job in the Industry”

  1. Send them an anonymous note saying a few fairly gentle taps of the foot should fix the problem. Once they get frustrated, they’ll solve your problem.

  2. The computer has speakers, why won’t it respond to voice commands?

    This reminds me of an episode around 13 years ago, when we got some Compaq PCs with voice recognition software at the office. Initially we thought it was a neat feature and turned it on. But quickly we realized that it was not possible to have a conversation in the room then, since the software reacted in some way to pretty much anything that was said in the room.

    Some documents and files were a complete mess and we had to spend some time to repair the damage, after turning off the &*#! software.

  3. Zubon, you give me memories I thought forgotten by now.

    A long time ago, in a country far, far away when I was working in the computer shop’s lab, we finally started getting those new PCs with those awesome PCI slots. (am I dating myself too much?)

    Anyway, a customer walks in one day, case under his arm. “It will not start. It makes beeping noises”, he states. As we were opening it we were thinking the usual. You know. RAM stick or card that got loose, some loose connector, things like that. But no.

    There was a NES cartridge safely rammed into that new, pristine PCI slot. If we had digital cameras back then, we would’ve taken a shot. Just for the forensic archives if nothing else.

  4. Boss: Server is down again, my profile won’t load or save.
    Me: Server is fine, it’s you.
    Boss: …
    Me: Look, the server is up. It’s always up, even when you say it isn’t.
    Boss: …
    Me: I’ll look at it.
    Boss: I’m going home.
    Me: *I wonder what’s going on at KTR*

    Oh, I should add that I’ve actually had to teach people to use a computer from right clicking to basic folder, file, drive explanations for a job that is computer centric. How do people like that get put into a job like that? The military.

    What always amazed me is that these type of people would get placed in the job by the military knowing full well the entire job is computer centric. Yet, time after time the military would place computer illiterates in the position because they were worthless elsewhere. But thats what the military gets for making jobs that aren’t “official” and get treated as waste bins for every worthless person that can be shoved off on us.

    I’m glad I don’t have that job anymore… err well I do have it, but only on a one weekend a month basis now :)

    My new everyday job is much more annoying, I help students at a technical college. Try explaining AutoCAD software to someone that has barely used a PC for anything more than surfing MySpace.

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