Men Are Stupid

You may recall hearing that there is a wage gap, usually something around 27 cents on the dollar. That is the difference between median wage earners, not men and women with comparable qualifications working comparable jobs. Once you take into account things like education, experience, hours worked, and years of continuous work, the gap drops to a few cents (depending on your regression). The remaining difference is explained by the fact that men are stupid.

Men are more likely to sacrifice quality of life for a higher wage. Men take jobs with longer hours, in worse working conditions, and with a higher risk of being killed. Women tend to prefer flexible scheduling, comfort and convenience in the workplace, and fringe benefits. Ask 20 men and 20 women how much they would need to get paid for (1) an additional 5% risk of getting maimed this year and (2) to work without air conditioning, and see which sex comes back with the lower dollar amount. If you said, “My job doesn’t have air conditioning,” you are probably male, and you took the money.

Note which of those things above are taxable. Just one: money. You paid for your new video card with after-tax dollars; the hours you spent earning those, your female equivalent was already logged in and leveling her warlock, tax-free. She found some crafting components while leveling, which you bought at the auction house with gold you bought from a farmer. She won twice before you started playing.

Men are helpless slaves to the big number, the shiny object. You are grinding for hours until you cannot see, while your wife has a good time laughing with people at the tavern. When the raid starts, they will take her over you because she plays a healer. She won twice again.

: Zubon

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  1. Zubon’s not bitter, he’s over-seasoned. The twang can seem the same, but they come from different sources.

    One comes from an overdose of something that, in moderation, can spice up your life.

    The other involves realizing from multiple real-world examples (as I did years ago) that your half of the species is stupid.

    I’d explain more, but I have to go put in overtime while my wife plays Neopets.

  2. the system. is down.
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    I hope someone gets that.

  3. Zubon is right. And that means that if you calculate wages per hour, the wage gap actually reverses, because if you get paid for a 40-hour week and end up working 70, being paid per week / months means that your hourly wage is lower than you think.

  4. Zubon, that men do stupid things for a larger measurable reward compared to intangible rewards is hardly an insight. Maybe it’s just because not a day goes by when I don’t end up doing a few things I get to look back at the end of the day and say with regret, “Wow! That was really stupid.”(e.g. this post{I had a nice lurking streak going}) that I realize guys are so stupid but to everyone I know thats always been obvious. One solution I recently started attempting to keep me from getting further behind while my girlfriend progresses while I start classes again is to have her grind my character(we both are healers) as I end up always busy what with avoiding narcolepsy at school… The only trouble with this solution so far is although I ask her for help on my character not much happens with it and in the end I seem to spend more and more of my free time working on her characters while she’s in her classes…

    Cameron you could just make up a cake chart(like a pie chart but tastier) except most of us would just realize the cake is a lie *cough*

    Jezebeau no lightswitch raves!

  5. Actually I’ve heard similar explanations for why women hold more highly paid and senior positions in the US vs Canada and Europe. Women work more here and are expected to work more.

    Tobold brings up an interesting point I first read in a book: Your Money or Your Life. Calculate all the overtime, all the commute time, all the extra time you spend studying to keep up your skills, and that’s your true hourly wage. They even include “decompression” time after work if you feel really stressed by your job. Man I make next to nothing if you compute it that way.

  6. 90% of civilization (since the domestication of fire, pretty much) is the effort of man to create comfort for women in order to secure the promise of steady sex.

    The remaining 10% is boredom and untamed geek tendencies.

    Men have always historically been the architects of this human world. But before we let that go to our heads too much, most of it was done just to get laid.

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