Katamari Oshiri

The new Katamari game is only for the Xbox 360? Come on, I already bought a Playstation 2 almost exclusively for the purpose of playing the original. Could you at least port it to the Wii, we have one of those. Please?

My wife is secretly happy that she will not need to listen to the songs in the new one. What dear? Oh, not secretly.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Katamari Oshiri”

  1. *giggle*
    You said Wii we.
    But anyways, I just got done reading a review for it, and it seems they upped the difficulty or something (though the review made it sound like it was unfairly increased). I’m personally just bored with Katamari. It was fun and unique at first, now it just feels like they’re milking it.

    In other news…thanks for reminding me my 360 got the red ring (and I thought it wasn’t gonna happen to me) and I need to do something about it. I’m totally looking forwards to calling customer service and then sending my 360 in just to get some refurbished piece of crap that will probably break within the year.

  2. I could do that, but I can already hear my wife tearing my intestines out as I think about it. My only option would be to set it for the ringtone when she calls, so she would never hear it.

  3. With my new phone, I decided to geek out and assign everyone their own ring tone, which also including dicing up some songs to make them fit, which was entertainment for a full evening. My wife is BNL’s “If I Had a Million Dollars”. She doesn’t get it, but my kids find it hilarious.

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