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In my MMO, use of the text strings ” r u ” or ” u r ” in chat will automatically flag you for PvP for five minutes. Other terms on the PvP-flag list include “ghey” or any use of “lol” more than 10 times in 5 seconds. Comments are open for your additions.

: Zubon

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  1. “plz” should result in the deletion of your best piece of equipment. Hate this phrase beyond all others. I even have people use this in business letters I get.

  2. I’m going to go with the phrase “y?”. It should get you a 10 minute ban. And I like the idea that if you do something stupid, you get flagged, player-executed justice is always sweeter.

  3. “peeps” should delete your friends list

    “toon”, unless the word “town” follows it, should ban you for 24 hours

  4. MMO wishlist of unlikely-to-ever-happen-things:

    saying “can hav (insert game currency)?” 3 times in a single day should result in loss of a level and a wipe of all current funds (wipe equipment as well if they’re already at $0).

    anyone using lfg/lfdp more than once in the same line in server-wide chat, or more than once every 30~60 seconds should result in a 1 hour kick/ban.

    attempting to sell any equipment sold by an npc for more than the npc price should subtract the difference from your funds and give the item to the buyer for half the npc price.

    attempting to pk someone more than 10 levels lower than you should result in 100% damage reflection, scaling in factors of 25% every additional 5 levels. (level capped and attacking a fresh lowbie = one hit ko to self.)

    other words to turn pkon:
    hax, hax0r and all variations
    leet, 1337 and variations
    n00b, nub, newb, etc. (combining these with “omg” and/or “u” should result in a major debuff as well.)
    lag (more than 3 times in 5 minutes), with additional time in pk mode based on the number of a’s in the word.
    having a name with more than 3 “x” characters should result in inability to turn pkoff.

  5. I would include any use of “lolz” or “lawl”, and any name composed entirely of consonants should just prompt character deletion.

    Just don’t flag “Ur”. I reserve the right to discuss Sumerian lore with my guildmates.

  6. Jezebeau, I had a similar worry about “Ur,” since there are several real uses for it. Therefore, we must develop a context-sensitive filter that will check whether it means one of those or one of the foul uses.

  7. Zubon I do think you’re being overly harsh on the “lol” crowd. Sometimes I can really get on a roll and get a good 8-9 jokes off in 10 seconds while doing something completely rediculous for those extra “lol” or 2 that’d put them over the top on your limit but then again if that was implemented I guess the joke’d be on them….

  8. /salute
    This is a great idea! Not just PvP tag, but Free For All tag, allowing people of his own faction (in WoW for instance)to slaughter him. They are the ones who have to suffer through his horrible attempts at communication, they should have the right to retaliate.

  9. Chuck norris definately should flag you. And maybe announce in worlddefense that you’re flagged.

    Also, I can understand hating stupid things like ghey and kthxbai, but what exactly is wrong with, say, “plz”? Maybe it’s just context. If i’m typing orders while pvping, or just simply dont have enough time to type “please”, “plz” is just a handy abbreviation. And I know the correct spelling.

    Ah, here’s another one: rouge. That should immediately flag the player for ganking by rogues from any faction. =D

  10. All fabulous ideas.

    I would include any variation of “mom”, “ur mom”, or “ur mom’s house” to root the offender to the ground, have him drop all his gear, and 30-second respawn in place for 2 days. His gear and cash would drop on each kill until he was naked and broke.

  11. To Verilazic,

    Shortening of “please” to “plz” is a whole three letters. If you don’t have the time to type the whole three extra letters, you probably shouldn’t be typing it in the first place seeing as it takes less than a second to do so (with nominal typing skills).

    Most commonly “plz” is used when requesting equipment, gold, buffs or other such gifts from other players. Not typing the full word makes you appear impatient, unappreciative and n00bish (note, “n00bs” are completely separate from “newbs”). Overall, 99% of the time this phrase is used in my presence, it is used by exactly the type of people I referred to above. It’s likely I will add anyone to my ignore list immediately after such an utterance.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have my daily dictionary reading to do.

  12. Lol, good point. Though as for shortening it, I usually do that to several other words in a sentence along with it. But I see what you mean.

  13. “A friend of mine has “KTHXBYE” as his license plate. Would that mean a car deletion?”

    The possibilities become infinite once you enter the physical realm… yet I imagine them all with your friend safely outside of it.

  14. By themselves these things are harmless, its when they all end up in the same sentence that I lose my cool. I myself, even use the occasional “lawl” “lul” or “pwned” Its the “LOLZ HAXPWNED QQGGROFL BBQIRL” crowd that inspires me to buy a flamethrower.

  15. I had an EQ druid friend with SOWPLZ as his license plate..sounds like others have followed with the times. One more that just occurred to me:

    Using “carebear” in a derogatory way should instantly transform the typist into Sunshine Bear.

  16. People using relatively useful abbreviations as if they don’t know what they actually stand for.

    Specifically, it drives me nuts when I see “plz PST”.

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