Gotta collect ’em all!

I must have some sort of gamer’s OCD because I find myself unable to complete Phantom Hourglass without finding the last two gems (which are not required) to power up my Spirits (also not required).

If you have a Nintendo DS, you really should get this game. It’s the first in a long time that really uses both screens constantly and engagingly. Even my concern about using the stylus to completely drive the game has faded, as it’s so easy to use and natural.

If you do, send me a Wisdom and Courage gem, huh? *wanders off mumbling*

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One thought on “Gotta collect ’em all!”

  1. That reminds me of January, when I had to get all the espers in FFXII before I could move on to the end, despite the fact that they were functionally next to useless.

    I am a collector, and thus peeved at limited inventory storage (bank/vault/chests/whatever) which eventually forces me to abandon fun items, like non-combat pets and holiday stuff, for functional ones.

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