Hopping Servers

We have been playing on Justice lately, because one of our guildmates on Pinnacle has level-capped all his hero slots. Justice is our secondary server, where we try new things or just need the extra slots.

We have visited Justice for evenings in the past, and our current group has survivors from previous expeditions. We spent a week messing with a batch of Kinetics and Radiation Defenders and Controllers, giving us my Controller and Bert’s Defender (both Radiation). Jon’s dragon comes from Fiery Aura Tanker day. We have done several runs with AoE melee characters, and Ham has kept his Scrapper going for this. Adam is the odd man out, focusing on his Warshade, for the simple reason that he had not played one before.

The team works well. We have two sets of rad debuff toggles, which always hit so it does not matter that we are lagging on levels. Jon insists that he is not a Tanker, because fire tanks are squishy, but he does a good enough job of keeping enemies grouped up and off us. Adam and Ham lead the rain of AE damage, with the rest of us contributing as we can. Everyone has some sort of self heal, Bert and I can AE heal, and we have three rezes for the inevitable faceplants.

One fun hobby is multi-herding. Enter the mission and find a good corner, one where the enemies will pile up if they follow you. Send the tank to taunt enemies far down the hall, aggroing everything he can on the way back. Send each of the rads down branching corridors, using the debuff toggles to aggro more chains of enemies. Get around that corner quickly. We now have three times the aggro cap worth of enemies coming for us. That keeps us occupied for a couple of minutes, after which we can finish clearing the map. This scares the heck out of anyone who is not used to teaming with us.

: Zubon