NCSoft Buys “City Of” Franchise

According to the press release, NCSoft has acquired 100% of the rights to the CoX franchise from Cryptic. According to Ex Libris, one of the CoH forum moderators, the CoX dev team are now working as NCSoft employees. There are several more press releases linked off of that one, including one that mention soon-to-be-announced expansions and sequels.

9 thoughts on “NCSoft Buys “City Of” Franchise”

  1. Looks like everyone except Statesman made the transition. Winter will be thrilled.

    Why did they give Matt Miller the “[taking it] to the next level” line? Aren’t PR people sick of that cliché yet? It might not have sounded lame and idiotic the first thousand times it was used. Maybe the expansion can take MMOs to the next level. That would be great.

  2. Hey, at least without Statesman the next expansion might *not* nerf the half the game, for once. Last I revisited my Ninjas/Dark Miasma Mastermind, all my DM powers had had their recharge times increased by about 50% and their effectiveness reduced by about 25%. Granted, it was unfair and I was near immortal, but no one likes the nerf bat.

  3. NBarnes: Statesman hasn’t been on CoH in a while, about a year now. He’s basically the head creative guy at Cryptic now, overseeing the Marvel Universe Online project.

    Jezebeau: I don’t remember any of those changes in any of the patch notes for the last year and change, nor do I remember the outcry that certainly would have followed. Are you sure about that?

  4. I don’t know if it was specifically dark miasma, but several of my powers went from perma to 2/3 of the time, and the heal got weaker.

  5. Jezebeau: enhancements changing colors? The change that nerfed half the game was Enhancement Diversification, and City of Villains always had it, so I don’t know what could cause the change you describe.

    I do recall the recharge time of the level 32 upgrade being shortened for Masterminds, so that it is sane to use. Which is good, because I use it about 90 times a day when I play my Masterminds.

  6. Ah, well then. I was wondering if this was some way of cutting Statesman out of CoX but keeping the dev team. Guess it’s more a way for NCSoft to secure their hooks in CoX and for Cryptic to spin it off before they start getting really hot on the world’s first MMOWPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Wolverine-Playing Game).

  7. I missed ED, and none of the characters I had beforehand were high enough for me to appreciate the loss. This was something else, either issue 8 or 9, and the character builder apps agreed with me that the old file had certain inconsistencies. I did quite like the recharge reduction on the 32 upgrade. It was a little silly at 1 minute base.

  8. heheheh Zubon, I am indeed thrilled that Statesman didn’t come over. I really enjoyed City of Heroes until Statesman nerfed it into City of Average Schmoes.

    I wonder if the access to CoV is available to people who purchased the game directly from NCSoft (it wasn’t out in Australia when I started playing). If so I may give it another whirl now that Statesman is gone.

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