Scaring Pickup Groups

Most of us have had bad experiences with pickup groups. My supergroup’s unintentional habit is giving pickup groupmates really terrifying (but rewarding) experiences.

We got our first level-capped characters back before ED, before aggro and target caps. Back then, you herded an entire map and blew it up at once. We knew we were doing it right when everyone simultaneously got graphics error pop-ups because the game could not register that many explosions. We still do this to the extent that we can, fighting as much of the map as possible at once. It saves us the bother of running around, and we win consistently.

When you join our group, we don’t say much. We are all on Teamspeak. We might give you a bit of warning, but we don’t really think about it. We’re used to this. You will be told “stay here,” and off runs someone to pull.

And then someone else. And maybe another. And then someone snipes from the group. And by “pull,” we mean “pull an entire group,” not pull one target. Amidst the ghostly silence, people come bouncing back, followed by an angry horde of werewolves, robots, and fascist vampires. They are following our pullers, so if you peek your head around that corner, they are all heading straight at your face, shooting plasma bolts. Welcome to the team!

Wailers wailers everywhere

: Zubon

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