City of Videos

Did you see the City of Villains trailer back in the day? See it again for the first time, in l33t. Because you know this is how half the people on your server would be playing that scenario. (Check the DM of the Rings link to the right for how D&D players would do Lord of the Rings.)

How about a different take on it entirely? In Korea, it is “City of Hero.” Just the one? I don’t know any Korean; maybe they pluralize like in Japanese. Anyway, here is the City of Hero promo video (labeled CoV for some reason). WISDOM appears very infrequently in the English-language version, but I imagine they show up a lot in City of Hero. Note that the American hero spends the entire fight immobilized and helpless while Korean mages and martial artists destroy undead by the score. Does the target audience feel pandered to?

: Zubon