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Tabula RasaTabula Rasa is sending out some choice quotes from various reviews and I thought it would be fun to pick my own quotes from the same reviews.

Lets start with the quote they chose from a Gamespy review:

“The MMO genre just got a serious dose of adrenaline thanks to Richard Garriott’s reinvention of online combat.” – Gamespy

Here is a quote from the same review chosen by me:

“… complaints about a memory leak and slowdown from the community … gameplay bugs … quests that won’t give the player credit for completing them … triggers that only go off for only a few members in a party, forcing players to run missions multiple times.” – Gamespy

Next up we have UGO:

“A great launch, open and constant action as well as compelling story, Tabula Rasa lives up to the hype…” – UGO

Now it’s my turn, from the same review:

“… really not much different from any other MMO once you get started. You level rapidly in the early levels and are forced at level five to decide if you will be a soldier or specialist, effectively limiting your final class options to four for each choice.” – UGO

Gamedaily wrote:

“Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa is fun to play, has stunning graphics and doesn’t take place in yet another tiresome fantasy fairyland.” – Gamedaily

Same review:

“Some missions never tell you where to go to claim your reward, so it sits in your queue taking up space (only 20 missions can be taken at one time) until you accidentally stumble on the NPC who gave it to you, or you abandon it.” – Gamedaily

Finally Tentonhammer’s review:

“I’m desperately trying to gather the motivation to pull myself away from the game to give an accurate portrayal of my first impressions.” – Tentonhammer

Harder to find something negative in this one but I did:

“… people are complaining about server disconnects or extreme lag …” – Tentonhammer

Twisting reviews for my own amusement, what is more fun?

– Ethic

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14 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa Reviews”

  1. “…and are forced at level five to decide if you will be a soldier or specialist, effectively limiting your final class options to four for each choice.”

    Actually, this is very, very wrong. TR gives you a nice little ‘cloning’ system (which, I’ll be the first to admit, need a UI overhaul – it can’t be done in game) that gives you a save point for every time your character earns a ‘clone credit’. Conveniently, you earn these clone credits just before every major class choice.

    I don’t mind snarky reviews, I like them – Yahtzee is my hero; but snarky inaccurate reviews are just plain annoying. Not your fault, but that reviewer needs to be shot. The cloning system is one of the things the PR guys at Tabula Rasa are hyping the most, you have to be pretty stupid, not to mention deaf, blind and living in a cave, to have missed it.

  2. @Roger: It still does not detract from the fact the game is mediocre at best…the combat is uneven, the performance is still less than adequate..
    The game still needs time to gain momentum…but at this point…it feels like a “console” single player game.

  3. Couple things about this post that I found amusing:

    1. The game is currently sitting at 81 on Metacritic, so it’s not like NCSoft is pulling positive comments out of negative reviews.

    2. You are reading these quotes from the TR website and you expect them to be, what, negative? EVERY website is going to pull the most positive statements out of the review and post them on their website.

  4. Yeah that is kinda the point of the post. They get to pull out the positives and I get to pull out the negatives.

    Disclaimer: I am playing TR.

  5. Technical complaints are par for the course, and don’t really count.

    Gameplay complaints are more substantial, but most people know that the Tabula Rasa team applied to NCSoft to get more time before release and they were turned down. So they have to struggle to fix things in live. It’s not great, but it’s understandable.

  6. “Technical complaints are par for the course, and don’t really count.”

    Sadly, I work in another industry where this is a common view.

  7. I much preferred reading these truncated versions than I did reading any of the reviews out there. It is quite funny how many of the reviews have “this is an awesome MMORPG” tag line, followed by two pages of how much crap is in the game.

  8. Given that some of these tag lines were pulled to mean the opposite of their sources — most notably, the TenTonHammer site prefaced their statement with “Only a few people are complaining about server disconnects or extreme lag, and they’ve been few and far between. Personally I didn’t have any of the errors other folks were describing, but that may be because I typically play during off hours and when the traffic load isn’t the highest” — and was pulled from the two “cons” paragraphs out of two full pages, I wouldn’t take them too seriously, Heartless_.

    There are some flaws with the game (crafting is literally less than half-finished, a lot of powers have significant balance issues, and PvP literally gets in the way of PvE by making even teamed PvP players impossible to directly heal or buff, the “revolutionary” logos concept is essentially made meaningless), but taking statements out of their original meaning or looking at complaints that were fixed fairly long before release is a strange way to present complaints.

  9. I’m pretty sure the point was just to have fun pulling negative quotes out of reviews instead of positive ones, not to present actual criticism of the game.

    As for the game, it’s… okay. I’m playing it, and parts of it are pretty fun (the control point defense and assault missions in particular can be a blast) but there are a fairly large number of bugs, and several aspects of it don’t feel finished yet.

  10. I’m playing TR right now. Quit WoW in october. It’s more fun than any other MMO I’ve played recently. I’m in a PvP guild right now that’s undefeated, but I will say the PvP is VERY unbalanced (snipers can 1 shot people).

    There are more quest bugs than I’d wish. Running instances with more than 3 people, especially with strangers, is more of a challenge in getting everyone on the same quests than it is fun. Hell, the whole Mires area is literally screwed up. The whole area, no matter what connection you have, will lag. It almost makes you want to quit the game but I made it through.

    I’m a level 31 Demolitionist on Pegasus. My last name is Stye if you wish to look me up.

  11. I’m no fanboy but cry me a river.
    “Some missions never tell you where to go to claim your reward, so it sits in your queue taking up space (only 20 missions can be taken at one time) until you accidentally stumble on the NPC who gave it to you, or you abandon it.” – Gamedaily

    I’m no hardcore player either and get in about 2 hours a night of gameplay. If this reviewer can’t keep track of the 20 missions or remember where you have been, then grab a yellow lined notebook Sally and start a’ writin. Its not like the world is as large as Vanguard or even WoW for that matter, you have outposts and teleports at each of those outposts. If the quest location is not at the one you are at now, poof, 2 seconds later you are at the next outpost. Buck up.

    This is really good though Ethic but what I like even more is finding falsehoods in actual reviews like the one Roger pointed out.

  12. The thing I find funny is that a lot of the negative reviews that focus on performance are forgetting one key fact:


    Anyone remember when WoW would go down by the hour, or the day long server ques?

    In my opinion, any, and I do mean ANY FINAL review of an MMO should not be given until at least 1 year in full production. So many bugs and stability or balanced issues were fixed in every MMO I played in the first year that you could almost always think of it as MMO V2.

    FINAL Reviews about MMO’s BEFORE the first year should ONLY address 2 things: Basic Gameplay Elements (Quests, combat, story, etc..) and Environment Elements (Prettiness, art direction, overall theme and feel to the world).

    It’s almost a certainty that everything – the lag, the performance, the UI, skills, class balance – will have a LOT of work done on them the first year. More money and a wider base of users goes a long way in addressing these issues.

    Now those who have honest gripes with those two elements, then fine, so be it. That’s at least honest and realisitic. But some of these things, it’s almost pointless to factor in to a FINAL review.

    My two cents.

  13. These reviews make me think of all the hulla-baloo that was LOTRO…
    It is incredible…beautiful….so fun…blah blah

    Yea…it was…for 15-30 levels…then it pukes boredom…and they do not discuss stupid hitching issues, a UI that is so ugly even it’s mother hates it…animations that look like those old drawn flipbooks…

    But, hey it’s metascore was pretty high…

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