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City of Heroes added a referral program to invite your friends back, so I thought I would mention it. If you have been gone for 90 days or more, a current player can invite you back; when you pay for a month, you each get 15 days. The existing program, to send a free trial code (and the sender gets a month if you eventually buy and subscribe) continues. Since I am a current player, if you were thinking of coming back or trying it out, let me know, and I will send you a code for a couple of free weeks (and exploit you mercilessly for my own free play time). I can see the otherwise-invisible e-mail field if you leave a comment.

: Zubon

14 thoughts on “CoX Referrals”

  1. Hmm.. tempting. Does the free trial code work with an old account? I used to be subbed, and I wouldn’t mind trying it again but would like some free time first to reacquaint myself and see if I still feel the love =)

    I even dabbled minorly in City of Villains… bah, send me a code, what is it going to hurt? =)

  2. I gave this a run last time Zubon offered, and if you haven’t been on in a while, like you Braack, there’s a lot of changes that are fun to look at. The invention system (which went in just when I resubbed), City of Villians over CoH, and a lot of UI improvements really make it a much better game than it used to be.

  3. I resubbed a couple days early, so I also have a few to give out. Here’s to you, Tipa.

  4. I’d like to say hello to my CoX characters again, so if you have more than one code, I’d be interested

    One can have up to four referrals active at the same time, so as long as people use them when they get them, there is a renewable supply of them ;)

  5. CoH was a really fun game while I played it. Unfortunately I think like anything it got boring once the friends I made in game left for greener pastures =(

  6. I’m currently at 3 of each type of invitation. There is more of a lag on the new accounts, since those can take a few months for someone to do the trial, buy the box, then buy one more month. There will be a chokepoint eventually, as a code unused is unavailable for a few months, but I’m not too worried. At worst, I know other people who can send codes.

  7. Heh, more time to spend with Chumucka Man (Martial Arts/Super Reflexes on Justice, in case anyone’s wondering) is always a good thing. Fire away, my good sir!

  8. It’s been so long since I played that I had to start over. The game’s repetitious, sure, but I’m having a blast for now.

  9. You may not need to start over. After I had logged in, a bunch of my old characters disappeared. After a small fight with NCSoft, they restored them. Apparently they archive after 90 days or something, and somehow my account was missed, and then found when I subbed in. They say they can and will pull from archive, but word and deed are seperated by a good bit of space.

  10. Please send me a referral if you are still doing it, and hook us both up with 15 days. About to re-activate

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