Finally, A Computer That Can Play WoW

Thanks to Dell, everyone can afford to play World of Warcraft. For just $4,499 US – you get the following (choose from Horde or Alliance edition):

* 17″ HD widescreen notebook complete with World of Warcraft backpack
* Illuminated speaker grills and faction specific Honor Badges
* Back-lit keyboard stays awake as long as you can
* Track your stats with the world’s first built-in notebook Logitech® GamePanel TM LCD
* Enhanced graphics with NVIDIA® SLI TM technology and AGEIA PhysX TM Mobile Technology TM
* Pre-loaded with World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade and all major game patches
* Golden Ticket for a custom FigurePrint TM of your actual in-game World of Warcraft character with your actual armor and weapons
* World of Warcraft Beta Club Key Card with a key to future World of Warcraft beta tests
* World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition Account Upgrade Certificates
* Exclusive desktop background artwork and screensavers
* Additional loot like a behind the scenes DVD, soundtrack, Warcraft novels, strategy guides, trading cards, etc

Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

– Ethic

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8 thoughts on “Finally, A Computer That Can Play WoW”

  1. I just want a FigurePrint done of one of my characters, one which my wife absolutely hated. Just to have it made and screw it on top of her desk.

    Psychological warfare 4tw.

  2. You can do the FigurePrint directly from them for $100 if you really want one.

    Dunno, I’ve done the math and besides the already marked up price of a Dell, it seems like this has a goot $1k of padding. I have all Dells in my house and not once I have I paid close to their listed price. It takes minimal work to get 5-20% off their listed price. It’s like buying a car. I’m sure it will sell like mad regardless. Barnum’s rule is never wrong.

  3. ive been havin lag problems think i need more RAM but if i ever 4k laying around anywhaere ill just do this lol

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