Kouma and Cavedweller

My wife is so pretty My wife and I borrowed a friend’s account, and we made new heroes. Then we went out to beat up Hellions and Clockwork. Take that, evil! Paragon City has some new level five heroes!

My lovely wife does not play enough to justify a second account, but we conveniently have friends across the pond who go to bed in late prime time. Or very late, as I glance at the clock. Bother, I have work in the morning. This is another reason we do not play together too often: we like each other a lot, so we get swept up and forget to do things like sleep.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Kouma and Cavedweller”

  1. I do that as well, but this is a new computer.

    Send me an email with your server and character names when you have time. I don’t know anyone that plays any more.

  2. Heh…I just reupped on CoH/V for the first time in months, but my former server (Pinnacle) is a bit lighter players-wise than it was last time I was in.

    Therefore, I’ve rerolled a new character, just to play around. I’m in your same boat, Ethic…I don’t know much of anyone that really plays anymore.


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