Please stop taking things to the next level

Where is this next level? Can you tell me what level you are on currently, and what exact features differentiate this next one, in a way that someone else is not already doing?

I am not going to link to the latest meaningless crap about taking MMOs/gaming “to the next level,” so please just stop it. Here, have a Gooogle link: over 1/2 million people taking it to the next level. There are not that many levels.

Here is how I am taking blogging to the next level: if I ever link something that has the phrase “taking * to the next level,” tell me in the comments. I will remove the link and start hating whoever wrote the meaningless cliché.

: Zubon

11 thoughts on “Please stop taking things to the next level”

  1. I am taking blogging to the next level“.

    So if it’s a meaningless cliché (notice there’s not even an English word for cliché, we love them so much), are you saying there are no “levels”?

    Skill based system, I guess? Or maybe neither…

    (I’m just making the assumption that it’s not because we’ve hit max level.)

  2. Can I take trolling bloggers in their comments to the next level?

    –Dave (Couldn’t resist)

  3. “Skill based system, I guess? Or maybe neither…”

    It’s not that there are no levels, there’s just no “next” level. I see it as a smooth gradient. What comes after gray, but before black? Gray of a slightly different description. Actually, that’s a pretty accurate portrayal of “taking X to the next level”, historically.

  4. When Z gets here later, I’ll have to take greeting friends to the next level. Then we’ll take LAN parties to the next level. And then Z can take pummeling me to the next level for posting this :p

  5. I’m done taking things to the next level. After Z took tickle torture to the next level, I’ve learned my lesson!

  6. There will be vengeance such as has not been known. Vengeance taken to the next level, one might say, if one needed a knife in the eye.

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