Storage Space

I saw a friend’s new MP3 player this weekend: 8GB plus the software to run it, and it is about the size of five credit cards. It could probably be smaller, but there would be no way to plug in headphones or have a screen/buttons. Looking back a half-century, a 4.4MB hard drive was 5′ by 6′ by ~2′ and reportedly leased for $3,200/month. If that is before inflation, that would be $23,934.75 per month in 2007 dollars.

Many of our people will be receiving electronics this holiday. As you are opening your gifts, enjoy the benefits of Moore’s Law and its parallels in all manners of progress. You are already living in the future.

: Zubon

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3 thoughts on “Storage Space”

  1. 8 gigs is nothing! My IPOD has 60 gig storage! That is sick, I actually try to fill it with Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Matrix Trilogy

  2. In the next 20 years, you will be able to cheaply buy a storage device that will record, with pretty solid video and audio, a year of your life, assuming Moore’s Law holds. The idea of that is mind boggling.

    Of course, the flipside is that we are also incredibly vulnerable to data loss the more we digitize it. As an example, most of the moon shot data is stored on tape. Unfortunately, we don;t know the format, and even if we did, the machines to get it off are not really functional any longer. By some estimates, if we had to get to the moon in six months, there’s no way we could do it again, even if we had the rocketry equipment, because we just don’t have all of the necessary data readily available.

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