LAN Party Drinking

We are at our usual New Year’s LAN party. This is when I am reminded that most of our people drink while playing (instead of healing me), with less drinking out and about. This is your reminder to have a designated driver. Ideally, sleep wherever you party, because many will not be heeding that reminder. There will be extra police on the roads tonight just in case you forget.

On that note, open container laws were a question at last year’s party. Transport booze in your trunk. Anything that has ever been opened counts as an open container, even if it is closed now. A re-corked bottle of champagne in the back seat counts the same as an open beer in the driver’s hand. Not every state has that law, but unless you have checked the law in every city and county you will be driving through, don’t turn a stop for a broken-out taillight into a misdemeanor.

And now back to LAN games. Maybe we can get another round of WarCraft III. Yesterday a CoX guildmate asked me what WarCraft III was. Seriously.

: Zubon