Soda and Sustenance

I do not drink much soda, abstaining for weeks at a time last year. For the extended weekend’s New Year’s LAN party, we binged. My body was not prepared to deal with that much caffeine and carbonation. My wife, a devoted consumer of Diet Pepsi, was pretty wired after drinking half a case of Mountain Dew.

We are both still kind of ill from the experience. My thought had been that I am getting too old for living off Mountain Dew and fast food for days at a time, but I realized that I never did that. This makes me feel even older, because apparently I was never young. I went directly from 15 to 45, and I have stayed there.

Taco Bell’s spicy chicken burritos are tasty. Mozzarella sticks are just deep-fried cheese with breading; see the earlier comment about not living off biohazards. Despite that, cheeseburger fries sound tastier than they should.

Mello Yello is still out there, but Coca-Cola seems to have realized that “mellow” is not a competing force with Mountain Dew. This weekend was my first exposure to Vault, labeling itself an energy drink/soda hybrid. Wow, that tastes awful. If you drown the “citrus” flavored drink in orange juice, it does not taste bad, but you might as well mix the orange juice with peach schnapps. Wait, I don’t drink. I have all these wild oats, completely unsown.

: Zubon

The energy drink link is a video, maybe a little NSFW.

5 thoughts on “Soda and Sustenance”

  1. Dont drink the sugar loaded energy drinks, do yourself a favor and go Rockstar No Carb, blue can. The sugar only increases the crash you get and its not healthy anyway

  2. What ever happened to the days of downing pots of coffee? Or going to the local coffee shop and ordering the biggest cup of coffee they have and getting 4 shots of espresso in there.

    No, coffee is so out of style. If you need a buzz you have to chug drinks made with ‘Taurine’ ( I swear it is crushed bull testies ) or ‘Gaurana’.

    Energy drinks. Bah humbug.

  3. The red Vault, if you can find it, is a bit tastier in my opinion. The regulat Vault tastes like somebody dipped their testicles in it.

  4. I love Mello Yello, and it’s getting harder and harder to find with this Vault crap all over the place. :(

    Guarana is just more caffeine, but Taurine is actually an amino acid that was first extracted from the gall bladder of a bull.

    Mmm… bull acids…

  5. Very handy stuff, taurine. Helps to prevent and reduce cardiac arrhythmias and jitters that could be caused, by, say… a dozen red bull. Replacing it with more caffeine? That’s just silly.

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