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The #1 search used to reach this site? “draenei hentai” This is my fault, since I keep doing these posts. This is presumably why Recent Searches remains one of our most popular features. “Popular” in the sense that people show up and leave immediately. It’s sad but funny in a way. My apologies to people falsely lured here by the siren of tentacle porn.

Seriously, it beat “kill ten rats” and “killtenrats,” even “cybercat atitd.” “draenei porn” joins it in the top ten. I am a horrible person. “lightsaber-wielding lesbian mermaid slave” was #6.

My lolcattery has also brought us friends with “beach each to each lolcat” and “i can has backpart? i can has peach?” in the top ten. I am proud of our culture. Let’s leave the top ten and hide your dirtier thoughts beneath the fold.

Many of these are actually germane, but we’ll skip those because they are not funny. WoW, The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™, City of Heroes: the things we actually talk about.

Different WoW porn searches: 91. Total hits from them: 500. Sadly, there will be no “draenei hentai real” out there, since the Draenei themselves are not real.

[issue 11 badges coh], with variations: There are about 80, one for each type of challenge you can set for each level range, plus more for up to 50 Ouroboros arcs completed. Note that badge missions and the Ouroboros TFs do not count for the challenge badges (not sure about the TFs towards number of arc badges). This is the post you want.

[lotro bug free]: Really? Wow, good quality control.

[lotro freezes]: Maybe not bug free?

[purplz]: I suspect lolcattery. Ur purplz, im shardin themz

[“second life” pointless]: Still true.

[ac2 darktide coma]: If only it were in that good of shape. AC2 is not just resting.

[can i play wow?]: No, you are on company time. Wait until you get home.

Neopets hentai? Seriously? [lotro nude] I understand, but Neopets? At least it’s not GoPets hentai. On to the “one time only” searches.

[“city of heroes” shovel power]: Play a */Battle Axe or */War Mace Tanker. You can set your axe or mace to be a shovel. As an axe, it is turned sideways.

[“i want to like” eve online]: So many of us do. There is so much to like.

[a murloc walked into a bar]: Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

[a really ghost killing a human]: Not just any ghost, a really ghost. Like for real, totally.

[ac2 private servers]: If anyone has one, we have several hundred visitors a month who would be interested. People keep coming to see Ethic’s “end of AC2” post.

[bikini mod for coh]: You don’t need a mod. There are several bikini options in the costume creator. You can match some skin and costume colors, for those people looking for nude patches.

Many people hate Comcast.

[ddo secret server]: If you can find it on Google, it is not terribly secret.

[everquest lightbulb jokes]: I admire the tenacity of this search, since we were #27 on the Google list. This person went through two dozen sites worth of Everquest lightbulb jokes before finding us.

[everquest still a grind]: Yes.

[females looking for sex]: I wonder why this person thought Kill Ten Rats was the right site. Sadly, this is a search for females looking for sex, not by them. Google does not flag which of our Draenei porn searchers were women.

[free city of heroes playtime]: There are free trial codes and “invite back” codes if you have been gone 90 days. Drop me an e-mail if you want one.

[go back to pre-searing ascalon]: Can you? That might be pleasant.

[hemorrhoids rats]: Would context improve or ruin this?

[human porn sex with chimps]: … Is that even safe?

[nicodemus new shoes]: Good for you, Robert! Are they nice shoes?

[potbs flop failure]: Not to ask a load question or anything.

[towns that start with kill]: I presume they do not just mean the name. Rough place. My brother wanted Cannibal Holocaust for Christmas (nother better captures the spirit of the season).

[translation for english to mexican for where are my pants]: Dondé éstan mis pantalones?

[warlock playing with paladin]: Cats and dogs living together — mass hysteria!

[what is 10k gold worth right now]: You might want to specify a game for that.

[world of warcraft ripped off anarchy online]: Seriously? Expand.

That is all that is amusing me tonight. Tune in next month, to see what brings people to Kill Ten Rats.

: Zubon

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  1. I was doing a couple searches a day for cybercat atitd after the last one, to do my part, but then I got lazy and gave up.

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at that poor kid looking for Draeni Hentai then found your site, then got frustrated and hit back and typed “real” at the end. I want REAL hentai losers!

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