Shut Up! We’re Talking #18

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Darren –
Lauren – Mystic Worlds
Ethic – Kill Ten Rats (That’s me!)
William – Ramblings of Bildo

There will be blood
You’re not the future of gaming
Why Fantasy?
Evolving Past Fantasy
Why Be Nice?

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I own this little MMO gaming blog but I hardly ever write on it any more. I'm more of a bloglord or something. Thankfully I have several minions to keep things rolling along.

One thought on “Shut Up! We’re Talking #18”

  1. I am torn.

    Listening to the show, I think Ethic sounds enough like me (to my ear, anyway) that we should never go on a podcast together simply to avoid confusion.

    On the other hand, his comments are more intelligent and coherent than mine ever are, so the possibility that somebody my accidentally attribute them to me might work in my favor.

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