Lord of the Rings Online: Book 12

The gigantic Book 12 patch notes have been released and I thought I’d highlight the interesting stuff.

The Burglar and Guardian classes get major updates, with the Champion getting a “part 2” lighter update. All the other classes get minor updates.

Outfit system and a barbershop to make cosmetic changes. Includes new social clothing and cosmetic weapons. Examples: backpacks, quivers, hauberks, dresses, tunics, shirts and pants. Look how you want to look!

Additional level 10-20 content with solo focus, some quests being redesigned for solo as well.

Lots of Angmar changes.

Housing changes including allowing all of your characters to share ownership of your house including fast recall. Also: usable items (light your candles), object rotation, and housing owner name displayed as you approach.

New anti-spam tools.

Over an hour of additional music added.

I have to say, they are really cranking out the updates. There are lots more, visit the LotRO site for the full patch notes.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Online: Book 12”

  1. Wow, looks like a great update! Is it too much to hope that my video drivers might now work as well? I know, I could go back to a version that works, but right now everything else is working and, well, *whine*

  2. It sounds like they have been doing a lot of work to add interesting things. More wins for the lifetime account holders!

  3. I’m really looking forwards to this! Unfortunately it seems the female humans got the shaft as it seem there’s only 2 new haircuts and everyone else got at least 4-5 new ones and more. *sad panda*
    But the dresses and items like the backpack and the quivers are quite awesome!

  4. You know… it’s been a long time since I played LotRO. I’m between MMOs waiting for Conan… someone want to tell me if the mid 30s-50 have gotten more solo-friendly?

  5. Hey Bildo, as someone who has just hit 34, I can tell you that solo play is very difficult. It’s not impossible, but the difficulty certainly does ramp up around level 32 or so. I’m a Champion, so I am anxiously awaiting the mini-update they are giving my class. It should make some of the Evendim and Angmar areas a tad bit easier.

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