Issue 11.5 Rocks

There is a bunch of stuff between Issues 11 and 12 in City of Heroes. A big batch just hit the test server. Notables include displaying real numbers, rather that “moderate damage” and “slow recharge”; faster leveling, particularly in the 13 to 20 and 36 to 50 ranges; big tweaks to MoG and Rage; the end of in-game e-mail spam (but we will still get many /tells); Assassin Strike boosts so that Stalkers are now desirable for archvillains; and fixes to many bugs, including the one that makes my Acid Mortar shoot me in the face.

As others have noted, some of the recent changes to the game have been counteracting old design decisions, sometimes in a clunky way. The game had no loot, and now it has several versions of salvage, all separate from recipes. The game had almost no numbers, and now a system is being made to display them.

If this excites you, my set of free trial/invite-a-friend-back codes are almost all refreshed, so I can send you some free time.

: Zubon

Updated to strike out things that died in testing; maybe Issue 12.

4 thoughts on “Issue 11.5 Rocks”

  1. Well, it’s still about ‘moderate damage’ or ‘slow recharge’, but at least it’ll tell you what your own powers are doing. For Defense alone, that’s incredibly useful. For attack powers, all we can really find out is what we rolled on the attack, what we need to roll for hit, and what damage was done.

    Thankfully, there are already out-of-game sources, and this first step suggests that information about attack powers will go the same way sooner rather than later.

  2. Zubon, if your invites will work for me — I’m a EU subscriber — I’d like to get back in and have a look at some of the changes, I haven’t subscribed now for just about a year.

    Many thanks!


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