PVP Goals

“The ability to inflict that huge amount of actual, real-life damage on someone is amazingly satisfying” says [chief executive of the GoonFleet Corporation]. “The way that you win in EVE is you basically make life so miserable for someone else that they actually quit the game and don’t come back.”

9 thoughts on “PVP Goals”

  1. Well, I guess that’s one way to look at things. Not great for population growth, but as EVE seems to growing, I’m going to say that the Goons aren’t actually winning.

  2. This quote explains it all:
    “You may be playing EVE Online, but be warned: We are playing Something Awful.”
    Different game, different goals. If you’re playing to grief, then being able to make other people quit the game can definitely be classified as a victory.

  3. Yup, I saw that yesterday. Nice article. I don’t mind admitting that I’ll never fully understand the griefer mentality. I know what it is, I know what it does, and how it manifests. I just don’t “get” how an otherwise normal person gets a rise out of something like that.

    Maybe it’s the first true virtual pathology of the online world. Wonder what Freud would say (he’d find a way to link it to sex somehow, I’m sure).

  4. I think it’s similar to animal pecking-order behavior. Animals that are in the middle of the hierarchy are often fighting and scrabbling for position relative to each other. But animals at the top don’t need to challenge anyone they only accept challenges.

    I think humans exhibit this behavior too. If you see others as competition or wrap your self-worth in the competition you’re in then you might behave the same way.

  5. The titan section of the interview is an odd one. BoB’s first Avatar loss was hardly Goonfleet “griefing” BoB – the two forces had been engaged in raging battle for months, and Shrike lost his titan the midst of yet another heated fleet combat.

    The recent near-repeat of Shrike’s Titan-loss would have been more relevant. It was going down in combat but, it’s hypothesised, so many Goons wants to get in system to watch the ship explode that the node running the solar system crashed. Saving Shrike.

    The griefers self-griefed, as it were.

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