Why would you live in Paragon City? Walking to the green line involves passing three cyborg hoodlums, a group of vampires and werewolves, and sometimes alien invaders. Your best case scenario is to carpool with the corrupt corporation that sometimes abducts citizens for experiments.

Parents seem to have adapted; I see many people named “shakedown victim.” In the “A Path into Darkness” story arc, one hostage leaves you a note:

Grabbed by jack-booted thugs. Luckily, ready for that. Paragon City and all. Check with your friend, sent message regarding where to find me.

Of course, that immortal citizen is frequently taken hostage, so he should be planning ahead.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Adaptation”

  1. It’s hinted that there aren’t many better options, especially in the earlier comics.

    The evil alien invaders, for example, hit [i]everywhere[/i] around the world, so it’s not like moving to Iowa is going to help things much, especially since you don’t have as many heroes out there to help things. The giant, evil, corrupt corporation is fairly multinational. The cybernetic hedonists have their main base in Paragon, but they’ll go wherever the drugs and money are. The Council’s leader, the Center is usually Italy-based.

    Some villain groups are limited to just the area around Rhode Island, like the Circle of Thorns or most smaller gangs, but even there it’s not always the case.

  2. I’d wager starting my own commune starts becoming a viable option the 16th or 17th time I’ve been ransomed/kidnapped/mugged/beaten/forced into an alien brain sucking machine.

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