From the FAQ to Earthrise, an MMO scheduled for next year:

I’ve never heard of Masthead Studios before – Who are you?
Masthead Studios is Bulgaria’s largest game development company, with a team consisting of young and enthusiastic artists, programmers and game designers with experience from numerous gaming projects. Earthrise is Masthead’s first project, and is likely Eastern Europe’s most ambitious so far.

I respect the chutzpah. Maybe Bulgaria has a game development industry, but they expect that statement to impress an English-speaking audience. The company has never made anything, but it is the largest. I guess they hired a lot of people, or maybe it is a big building.

For the game itself, it looks like it is cribbing heavily from EVE Online’s mechanics and adapting that to the standard avatar-based game, with a more standard PvP experience and no 0.0. Comments are open if you would like to speculate whether a company’s first game ever, an MMO, will be released on schedule.

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3 thoughts on “Earthrise”

  1. When I had a look at Earthrise, it reminded me more of Anarchy Online. There seem to be quite a few similarities to that game. Three factions, one corporate, one rebel, and one neutral. The PvP was zone based as well.

    I need to find out more about this one.

  2. /offtopic

    Well, bulgaria HAS game industry, but it’s focused on strategy games. Knights of honor was bulgarian, as well as the older Celtic kings and Tzar. Upcoming MMORTS Worldshift is also developed by bulgarian people, and so far it looks good.

    Still, none of these games are developed by MASTHEAD, it’s fairly new studio and has yet to prove itself. The mmorpg genre is harsh, they are green, you are wise not to expect much.

    Still, hope remains

  3. Bulgaria also has a flourishing mobile games industry, which both ports existing PC games to mobile platforms and writes new games for the mobile platform.

    neither of which are MMO-related, really – but it does indicate that there’s an indigenous games industry that could likely support/ fund/ provide staff for an MMO creator.

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