Double XP Weekend of the Living Dead

Most of my supergroup is on leave from City of Heroes. Three or four people are still around, but many are visiting WoW and Nostale. Some of those losses could be permanent. I find myself playing more flash games lately, but I am still in Paragon City. This four-month gap between issues is a problem, particularly when the big items in the last patch were Ouroboros (recycling old content) and ultra-rares (encouraging mass farming).

Friday kicks off a double-xp (and influence, infamy, prestige, and maybe drops) weekend. I expect to see many old friends back, and I expect a lot of character progress. My wife is heading out of town, and I will be cooking extra tonight so that I will have leftovers for the weekend.

As usual, if you want a trial code or invitation back (former subscriber gone for 90+ days), I can send them.

: Zubon

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  1. Nostale any good? One of my little joys in life is poking at random little Pacific Rim MMORPGs.

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