Hunter Journal: Page 20

TravelA fine day for travel!

I awoke with a great desire to cast my eyes upon new places. Therefore I sold some of my vast collection of hooves, paws and teeth to a vendor and purchased a ride out the Great East Road to the Lone-lands. On my way, I passed by the appropriately named Forsaken Inn.

I reached the destination stable and could see Amon Sûl way off in the distance. Amon Sûl is also known as “Hill of the Wind” or Weathertop. Weathertop used to have a watchtower on top of it, which held a palantíri. I bet you didn’t know I was such a historian. Truth be told, the stable master wouldn’t shut up about it.

I decided to travel to the top and see what I could see. Finding the right path took a few tries but I eventually found my way. I decided I had done enough hiking for one day and chose to make camp for the night on top of Weathertop. Not a bad day’s work. Didn’t hunt anything other than some birds, but at least they were tasty.


– Ethic

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