Unfair Standards

I am hereby planning to compare MMOs’ character customization options to Spore. I won’t really be able to do so until September, but I am okay with that, especially since games frequently promise the moon and stars in just a year or less. If we are going to play paper dolls/Mr. Potato Head, let’s get serious about it. Sure, you say your characters are completely customizable, but where are my options to change calf length, alter patterns of fur tinting, or become non-bipedal? I want to see MMOs beating Second Life on this.

Because you see where low standards have gotten us. Oh look, a slider for nose length, that will look great under my helmet. And I can make her breasts any size from large to mammoth!

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Unfair Standards”

  1. The main problem I’ve had with MMO’s in the past that have included super customization down to a few pixels of adjust your nose width, height, space between your eyes, eyebrows, etc…

    You can’t BLOODY see the difference in-game even at high graphic settings unless you’re standing 2ft away from the other player. It really does seem like a lot of wasted effort when the game’s graphic engine doesn’t even attempt to display those details until you’re standing ontop of somebody.

  2. Yes, most changes don’t make a single difference in-game. Like in EVE, where you aren’t even playing your character, you’re playing your character’s ship.

    The changes that would be nice and might let you stand out are things like height and body type. Why can’t I be a fat old chef with a meat cleaver? It would be nice to have age, to look younger, or very old. These things would let you stand out (unless the game is loot-centric, in which case nothing matters because your armor covers everything).

    That’s probably why WoW is not customizable… because you won’t be able to even see the difference anyways.

  3. >>TBH breast scaling is a major miss in WOW

    “Sir, our subscription numbers jumped by 2 million with the addition of the new slider.”

  4. Okay, two observations:

    1. But insane facial customization options are only going to help the government track down terrorists in-game, as they now say they’re going to do. No, really.
    2. The “breast size” slider goes down to “large”? I’ve never noticed.

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