The Sims Online Lives

and is mutating into EA-Land. Habbo Hotel-ish? I don’t know this part of the industry well, and I actively avoided The Sims Online back in the day. It came up twice in the past week, I Googled it tonight, and it looks like the original The Sims Online is shutting down right now, re-opening as EA-Land.

It is going free, with paid decorations and whatever else that revenue model provides. If you had a paying account at some point, you can go reclaim it and get some perks.

It has a fun history link. The game went live in 2002, was supported for about a year, and then ignored until a couple of guys got the go to revamp it last year. Good luck with that.

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  1. This is actually something I’ve been suggesting for years, if you’ve got a stalled game that won’t die and doesn’t do enough revenue to be worth focusing on, but gets enough revenue to support a couple of staff, get a couple of geeks with good ideas and a love for the package and see what they can make out of it.

    We had 8000 players of older Mythic games, I always thought a good way for designers/managers to earn their chops would be for them to work on those for a while, if they screwed up at least they didn’t do it on the flagship, and they might catch on to something good and build one of those clunkers into a sleeper.

  2. If you read Games for Windows this month, there was a very interesting article on the new “Battlefield” game with Dice and EA. In a nutshell:

    1) Easy entry, low difficulty
    2) Very low PC requirements
    3) Micro-transactions (of which, they claim 95% of people will never spend)
    4) Free

    It’s a shooter, its ww2 graphics, and it looks like TF2. With free, you can’t go wrong. Or can you? =)

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