More Unfair Standards

Can Spore possibly meet expectations? With all that I hear, it should be Sim City, Civilization, Master of Orion, and whatever games the first two phases are. The fanboy backlash could be horrifying if it does not actually cause the Rapture.

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  1. I dunno…I’m starting to get the impression that some folks are losing interest, or that Spore has been dumbed down and simplified a lot so it isn’t very much like the early demos (that generated all the buzz and excitement).

    Personally, I’m no where near as excited as I was before.

  2. Unfortunately, they announced the game way too early. Publishers need to take a lesson from Blizzard and learn not to announced their games more then two years before release. I swear I’ve been hearing about Spore since 2005 and its only natural the hype can’t survive such a long time. If the game is bad I wonder which reviewer will be to first to make the connection that Spoor means crap.

  3. The hype game sort of bothers me. That’s why Blizzard is still my favorite game developer… they never run around screaming about how great an upcoming game will be. They just work on it until it’s finished, then release it. The hype is often made by the gamers, and by word-of-mouth or word-of-forum.

    Good job, Blizzard. In my eyes, you’re still close to the people.

  4. The last preview I saw on a dutch site ( looked like a very dumbed down version of what once was planned. Basically it was three mini-games in one, in very cartoony graphics.

    I was very much looking forward to this, but not so much anymore tbh. The original concept was probably a little too complicated ;).

  5. Let’s say a game is bad.

    Marketing hype from marketing types can lead to a big retail disappointment, a big company performance let-down, and so on and such as that. It happens when someone high-up does his job poorly. Not by making a bad game, but by expecting a bad one to be better than it was.

    I don’t think it bothers the average consumer all that much though, if the marketing didn’t convince them that they were going to love it, and that they needed it, and that nothing else would make them happy.

    I’m not convinced the Spore buzz isn’t mostly of the marketing-hype variety buzz.

    I might think it’ll be great – as much as the marketing hype wants me to – but they’ll never convince me that something they cannot describe very well is the missing hole in my life. I don’t need for it to be great.

    IMO fan backlash comes from the degree to which a bad game delivers a sense of betrayal to the very dedicated, much more than how many of them there are (let alone how well-advertised the game was to others).

    ‘Could be wrong, or I’m not hanging out on the right forums or something, but I just don’t see what Penny-Arcade was alluding to.

    The post this blog linked to says:
    “It’s only a few days after EA officially announced the release date of Spore and the Internet has literally exploded with a tonne of new information about the most anticipated game of the year”

    …but those aren’t fanboy blogs being listed there, but game news sites that will “explode with a tonne of new information” at the whim of EA’s press releasers.

    Google NEWS search, past week:
    about 429 for spore game

    Google BLOG search, past week:
    about 216 for spore game

    I submit: that is not anticipation, but marketing.

    Google trends:
    (The release data was a spike… but that’s it and it’s not much more buzzy than it was 12 months ago).

    That blog post called it the “most anticipated” and another called it the “much anticipated” while yet another went with “long awaited”.

    But as with descriptions of the internet literally exploding, saying so doesn’t make it true.

    You have to be especially skeptical of emotions attributed to “some people”, and double so if they are “on the internet”. Journalists still seem to be writing to the off-line audience, thinking they can say anything about what is happening online and no one will ever bother to check.

    Or maybe that there’s no way to check that sort of thing.

    Google trends, versus GTA IV:
    (not that I’d call GTA4 most anticipated, either).

    Yahoo buzzlog, not listing it.

    There’s hype, and then there’s people from the marketing department constantly insisting that there’s an amazing amount of overwhelming hype. OMGZ OMGZ!

    Six months might be long enough to make us think there are a huge number of people for whom Spore is the crack, but I don’t think it’s long enough to make it so.

  6. Marketing point: fair. But I know a couple of people of the Penny Arcade variety. And if it isn’t better than Sim City+Civilization+Master of Orion+2 more, heck, I already own most of those, so why buy Spore? I like to hold games to the standard of their marketing. So very few make it.

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