Battlefield Alganon

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Quest Online is proud to announce its redesigned web site for its upcoming (2009) MMO. If you want to see what the game looks like two years into development, the link shall guide you. If you check “Races & Classes” under “Game Design,” the source of the above image, you can read about two of the races. They hope to have some class information up this year. Our friend below comes from the more-filled-out World History section. rat brain

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Battlefield Alganon”

  1. Nooooooo!!!!!

    /em claws out eyes

    Sorry. Just had a flashback to *that* movie. The only movie I ever seriously considered going back to the ticket counter and asking for my money back. In fact I should have billed them for wasting two hours of my life. Shudder.

    Seriously. The game looks pretty good for an indie development team. I’d be interested in seeing what sort of payment model they come up with.

  2. The Tom Cruise Psycho race will be released in the 2nd expansion, along with the “stare” racial ability.

  3. The devs are obviously *very* aware of which MMO is currently dominating the market, but I like the Library idea. The idea of an in-game database of player contributions like that has been tossed around for God-knows-how-long, glad to finally see an attempt at implementing it.

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