Great Moments in Flash Gaming

I am playing some adequate shooter, and I have reached the last level. Like most, you hold down the left mouse button to fire. This being the last level, I am firing continuously for … longer than I can admit to myself. Wave 9 of 13 complete, huzzah, I have this nailed! Shift my hand a bit because I’m getting sore…

My new mouse has these really useful buttons on the side, which default to back and forward in a web browser. Microsoft designed this mouse very well, so they are right at your fingertips. You barely even need conscious thought to use them.


: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Great Moments in Flash Gaming”

  1. If your mouse is well designed, as is my Logitech mouse, you can set the additional buttons to anything you want; for example, alt-left and alt-right, which will send you back and forward pages, but have no effect in most other cases – most importantly, in this case, they are ineffective in a flash window.

    I feel your pain, though. Those extra buttons are nifty, but the price you pay is often high =)

  2. One of my friends has assigned those buttons to his three dps-spam spells for easy raiding. I would do the same if I didn’t need five buttons for it.

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