Incomplete Evil

I have been waiting to whine about when we will hear about City of Heroes Issue 12, largely because I expect info to be posted the day that I whine. My powder is just barely dry, so I am going for it. Last issue was on the test server for a month, so it is already two weeks behind where they want to be to keep a pace of one issue every four months.

Almost two years ago, I whined about Issue 7, also late. The gap between 6 and 7 ran from October 27 to June 6, about 7.5 months. At the time, I was bothered for the heroes: 6 and 7 were the villain issues, and Issue 8 was about 15 months after Issue 5. Heroes’ major addition over the course of a year was the PvP zones.

Now I’m concerned about the villains. Issue 8 was a hero issue, 9 was inventions, 10 was cooperative, and 11 was the flashback system. So in the last 21 months, the big content addition for villains was a chance to team with heroes and save the world. There were gameplay additions, like the new power sets and the invention system, but those were shared and mostly changed the way you went through existing content. As Statesman pointed out, most of the villain content is hero content with different flavor text, fighting villain groups. We are low on evil.

I have no idea what Issue 12 will bring, or when it will happen. There was a decent gameplay addition between issues, which is something, although again that is affecting (the rewards for) existing content. On our server, and on many others if the Black Market prices are to be believed, the villain side is mostly dead. My hero side SG is not far from it either, since the big addition since the Rikti re-invasion was to let us replay old content more easily.

: Zubon

(See all those City of Heroes updates on the wiki: Game Updates).

Update: Issue 12 teaser posted. Teaser, not on test. I remind you of Issue 7, which ran teasers for so long that they began showing off wall textures. Lighthouse has already implied that there will be more teasers, so be prepared to wait a bit. Still, look at the stuff in that teaser, woo!

Update 2: link 1 and link 2 stating:

We still have a bit before closed beta, and then several weeks of that till open beta. So, the info is getting strung out over that time. We pretty much have something for you every week.

So about a month from the first teaser to the test server, estimate another month from there. Roughly five months between issues, with 11.5 in-between. Barring major issues or good fortune.

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  1. It worked! Almost… That is the teaser, not the test notes. If you check my link whining about Issue 7, they did that for two months before getting to it. I reserve whining rights.

    Still, that’s some sexy stuff. New content for almost all levels, more costumes, power set proliferation, and the villain epic archetypes. Hot.

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