Champions Online will be almost as similar to Champions as Dungeons and Dragons Online is to Dungeons and Dragons. Which is to say, they are keeping the names and using an entirely different set of mechanics.

To compare this system to others, there is no such thing as a “Dark Blast” or an “Ice Blast” in the HERO System. Mechanically, everything is just an Energy Blast, but with different advantages and even limitations applied. … We are using systems that are essentially the same, but fit the MMORPG genre somewhat better. In Champions Online, we will have Dark Blast, Ice Blast, etc.

: Zubon

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  1. Thank you for bringing us the light, Zubon. Now that it’s revealed as a run-of-the-mill MMO with window dressing, we can stop caring and go back to our carefully cultivated apathy. :)

  2. It makes sense though. In an RPG we have time for thought and discussion among the players and GM. In an MMO, do we really want to sit and WAIT while everyone else in our group picks and chooses which elements they’re applying to every single energy blast and other attacks? Or do we just want to get on with the fun?

    DDO did the same thing: they stuck to the rules as best as a 1) videogame and 2) multi-player videogame would allow, making Wizards of the Coast-approved changes where necessary. Even then, WotC steps in sometimes and asks Turbine to change things closer or identical to pen-and-paper; that occurred at least twice last summer that I recall. Licensing the IP didn’t give Turbine carte blanch to do as they wish, like many assume; WotC gives everything the green-light. And sometimes, not.

  3. Jezebeau, my wife has long held the theory that hope was in Pandora’s Box with the rest of the horrors for a reason. It was the worst of them, at the bottom.

    Talyn, that first paragraph does not resemble the Hero System rules. You assign special effects at character creation or respec. There are fewer mechanisms for changes on the fly, and those are largely controlled for the reason you cite. Anyway, we already have a multiplayer mechanic for dealing with indecisive people: they stand there doing nothing while the rest of us continue to act. If they do that enough, we kick them from the team.

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