On Towards IMGDC

I am here in sunny Minneapolis. My hotel is literally across the street from the Mall of America, which would be great if I liked to shop, but maybe I will poke my head in. I am here well in advance of IMGDC for another conference; if you are in town early, I am told that the exhibits hall for the Public Library Association will be stellar, and you can make back the cost of an exhibits-only pass by finding a few free books that interest you (a few months before they are published). (Not exactly what the exhibitors are hoping for, but I do post reviews of the books.)

Having driven most of yesterday, I felt as though I had fallen off the world. All day without my continuous news and internet feed! Insane! But I am obviously not so far out that I cannot blog. I need this internet thing since I wrote someone’s number down and left it by my computer at home. Bother. Isn’t my cell phone supposed to know these things? Anyway, e-mail remains the best way to reach me, granted with a delay because it is no longer continuously on.

My thanks again to Craig from Voyages in Eternity and Ethic from Kill Ten Rats for getting me into IMGDC. I expect that I will see folks there. I had been planning to suggest some sort of blogger get-together, but I noticed a 5-hour official after party on the schedule. That seems like a natural Schelling point. I am leaning towards the development track for my time at IMGDC, so sorry Nic if I miss your chat.

Comments are open if anyone has recommendations, requests, commands, etc. Cell phones are lovely things for on-site coordination of efforts. I will be sure to post comments from/about sessions afterwards, but I might not have much to say until then, having fallen off the world and all. Which is not a shot at Minnesota.

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  1. I’d be more than happy to show you around town while you’re here. If you’d like, feel free to drop me an email (Kendricke(at)clockworkgamer.com) and I’ll be happy to show you some of the finer points of the Twin Cities (some of my favorite watering holes are right near you).

  2. I’ll be there as well. Shoot me a mail at davehuston at mac dot com and I’ll give you my cell # for texting/calling purposes.

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