What we say // What we mean

“Hi everyone” // “Why do I even bother? Half the guild never replies”
“After thinking it long and hard…” // “I really-really thought about it for five minutes while I was having lunch, but it had been festering for a while”
“…I’ve decided this isn’t really the guild for me.” // “I’ve decided that 40% of the guild are retards, the other 40% are useless and the remaining 20% are people that I have no beef with. For now.”
“I guess the guild changed from what it used to be, and while change is good…” // “I’m not getting my way anymore”
“… for some of us it can take some effort to adapt” // “I can’t be bothered”

“So, I’m pretty bummed about it but…” // “I should’ve /gquitted in the middle of the night when no one was around”
“… I think sadly it’s time for me to move on…” // “I can’t wait to /gquit. I mean, really. I wanna type it right now. Right now.”
“… and try to find a guild that’s a better fit for me.” // “I already did, weeks ago. Already talked to people. I’ll be wearing a new tag not five minutes after dropping this one.”
“Please understand that it’s not you guys…” // “It is you guys”
“… nor it is me… ” // “Really, it is you guys all the time.”
“… I guess sometimes things just don’t work out” // “You guys screw up everything you touch”
“Understand that I don’t want to cause drama…” // “No, not on purpose, but hey if it happens I’ll be there to watch it and fuel it like a bonfire. I secretly love it.”
“… but this is after all a game, and if you’re not having fun…” // “It’s a game as long as it goes smooth. As soon as I don’t get my way, it get serious and you’re all bitches.”
“… you have to maybe move on and find a better fit” // “This guild sucks.”

“I’ll always keep the great memories of the great times we had…” // “I’ll forget in a month”
“… and all the great people I had the pleasure to call friends…” // “Hey, I think ‘Numbers’ is on? I gotta wrap this up”
“If you ever need anything, just look me up… ” // “Please don’t. I’ll put up excuse after excuse”
“The guild tag is just a tag… ” // “The guild tag is EVERYTHING.”
“So I’ll still be around, as usual… ” // “I’ll avoid you until you hopefully forget about me.”
“… so PLEASE look me up for anything you guys wanna do” // “Don’t you even dare whisper me”
“I think at some point I’ll join a guild with some RL friends from work that we go a ways back… ” // “Thank god that guy we just hired a week ago said he played too. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a plausible excuse to dump your sorry asses.”
“Honestly, I feel this guild has a lot of potential… ” // “You are all scrubs and you should be thankful I ever joined you.”
“…so I’ll be watching and cheering you guys’ progress…” // “Hm? Oh, yeah ‘Numbers’ is on.”
“… hoping you get tons of fat loot.” // “Yeah, the kind of loot you would not give ME.”
“Remember, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” // “I don’t even know what this means. You idiots take way too long to get through content.”
“So, cheers and good luck!” // “Thank God. I’m out of this dump”

7 thoughts on “What we say // What we mean”

  1. True that. However, if I am in a guild of f**ktards, I have no qualms about doing a /gquit immediately. Life really is too short to worry about having a bad experience in a game that you are paying a monthly fee for.

  2. And what is so funny…for someone who runs a guild…we wonder why a person quits for no reason…
    We are chatting along…person just came in…they are testing the grounds…(they wondered if they could say f**k) and we were like…it’s cool…we are all adults here…

    “How long have you played?”
    “Any quests you need help with”
    “Make sure to check out the guild bank”
    Yadda, Yadda

    New Idiot just left the guild


    So…which is better? As it is stated in the post above, or just leave??

    I wonder sometimes..

  3. “Understand that I don’t want to cause drama…” // “No, not on purpose, but hey if it happens I’ll be there to watch it and fuel it like a bonfire. I secretly love it.”


    well written post, nice one.

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