Gamers For A Cure

I just wanted to help draw attention to Gamers For A Cure. I consider Shawn “Kwip” and Becky “Kwipette” best-friends-I’ve-never-actually-met. Kwip runs N3 aka It is probably the first gaming related blog I ever read. His wife Kwipette has MS and every year those crazy folks all get together for the MS Walk to raise money to fight MS. If you want to help out, they are having an auction for some Warhammer Online shirts (thanks to Sanya Weathers). You can also donate money directly if you wish.

Shawn and Becky, I wish I could join you guys – but I hope this little bit helps. Good luck with the walk and take care!

– Ethic

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  1. Thanks, brother – when we hit the lottery, we’re flying EVERYONE out here for the Walk! Also for drinking and merriment and fabulous prizes, but walking, too! ;)

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