More Classicism

I have previously cited suggestions that internet folks are repeating very old trends in spelling and grammar. I would like to head a few decades before the Civil War citation to find an earlier root in a craze of the 1830s. People would intentionally misspell words, then turn phrases into acronyms and abbreviations based on those misspellings. The canonical example is “OK,” which stood for “all correct” (oll korrect). It was popularized when Martin Van Buren ran for president, because he had a nickname with the initials OK.

The roots of lolcattery lie in Martin Van Buren partisanship. Now you know.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “More Classicism”

  1. And to think he’s known as the “do-nothing president”…makes me want to roll a gnome named “Marty Vanburen” in his memory.

  2. Reading that post makes me want to make a fighting game with all the founding fathers, like Founding Father Fight!, or Philadelphia Fury, or… what goes well with “Rumble”? I thought of Conflict in the Confederated Colonies but that might be too long…

    “The founding father’s can’t come to an agreement on the new constitution, and will resolve their conflict with battle! Change the shape of the future USA by fighting as William Paterson for the Small States, or fight as Hamilton for the British Plan!”

    When you finish you unlock a secret character: King George, who sneaks into the conflict in disguise to defeat everyone creating chaos, so the British can take over again.

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