D&D 4E quasi-bleg

Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition is available for pre-order at 40% off. That is pretty tempting for me, what with my bookcase of gaming books. I feel reasonably certain that I will buy at least the PHB, but buyer’s remorse on many other products makes me hesitate to pre-order. I avoid pre-ordering anything these days unless I have direct experience with it, which seems unlikely to be available here. On the other hand, there is lots of info at EN World and DnD4.com.

So basically I am asking if you have any advice, comments, leaks, etc. I am leaning towards it, so I don’t need a big shove, but I remain worried about getting another RPG book/system that I will never use, a failure of both fluff and mechanics.

: Zubon

One thought on “D&D 4E quasi-bleg”

  1. I preordered it too… I have a few people lined up that I want to run a module or two with.

    It seems more friendly to new players than 3rd ed., so if you have people in mind you’d like to teach the game to, this might be the version to try.

    Aside from that… well, who can tell you whether to believe the hype or not? I played it at D&D Expo and enjoyed it. That was good enough for me…

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