Extra Slots Implementation: For Your Discussion

As previously contemplated and announced, City of Heroes is selling extra character slots. The official implementation is here. (2 free for current subscribers, 1 free per year that you are subscribed, one time fee of $6/$10/$20 for 1/2/5 slots, add up to 24 per server) I open this for your comments, as I am curious about what you think of the option, pricing, likely staff time needed, the limits placed, other options that could be viable, etc.

Kicking it off, I note that you are buying one slot for one server, not one slot per server. Also, if you want your cap of 36 slots on a server, that will cost ~$100, or $80 if you are a two-year subscriber who puts all the free slots there.

I predict many people returning for at least one month for Issue 12: two free slots for being a current subscriber, plus new archetypes and power sets to play with. Lots of new characters will be made to play with those, so it is a good time to start too. Great marketing item, definitely worth e-mailing to former players with the “$10 value!” note. Of course, that is still at least a month away, so keep your powder dry. I am on-break from CoX until then.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Extra Slots Implementation: For Your Discussion”

  1. I wish SOE would offer this for EQ2.
    I have all of my regular slots taken and I am on the SOE all-access pass to get the extra ones.
    Hell, I’ll pay $10 per slot per server.

  2. Like isanox, I would have been happy to have this option in EQ2. I have alt-itis, and while I am willing to pay to support it, there is a limit… a Station Access is a bit pricey for extra slots.

  3. CoX is already pretty generous with their character slots (EQ2 is horrible, 7 slots shared across ALL servers, how am I supposed to have alts?!) but in a game where making your character is half the fun, you need all the slots you can get. I’m currently full on my primary server of play, so am looking forward to the new slots.

    I think giving a couple of additional slots away for free is a nice touch, they didn’t have to. I also think the per-slot cost for additional slots is quite reasonable. In general NCSoft’s pricing for things like character transfers and renaming are quite reasonable compared to say, WoW or EQ/2.

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